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Lucky - Brown male cat seen on the sci-fi series ALF/NBC/1986-90. Lucky lived with the Tanner family in the suburbs. His only worry was ALF, a furry orange alien from the planet Melmac who now shared the house. On Alf's world cats were considered snacks, so the fact that Lucky survived the full run of the series is amazing.

After ALF crash-landed his spacecraft into the Tanner's garage, he broadcast a message into space in hopes of reaching some survivors from his homeworld ALF said "Anybody from Melmac, Hello? Skip, Larry,'s me, Gordon (last name is Shumway). Look I don't know if you can hear me but I want you to know I'm OK." Alf then described his Earth friends (The Tanners) and ended with "If you could try to get in touch or come by, I'll introduce you to these lovely people. Then we can eat their cat!"

The Lucky character was played by five different cats. Each one with their own talents. They included Electra, Fat Cat, Gordo, Sparkles and Sparks, the lead cat.

Sparks the cat was originally found in a animal shelter. He was trained by Sam Coulter, Cindy James and several others trainers who were employed by Frank Inn Animals.

Sparks went on to appear in a Purina and Fresh Step commercial as well as in the movie Stephen King's Sleepwalkers (1992).

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