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Salem Saberhagen - Talking black American Short Hair Breed cat (voice of Nick Bakay) that lived with Sabrina, a pretty blond teenage witch (Melissa Joan Hart) on the fantasy comedy SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH/ABC/1996-2003.


Salem was once a human named Salem Saberhagen who was turned into a cat (for a period of 100 years) by the Witches Council as punishment for trying to "rule the world." Now the only excitement in his life is listening for the sound of the can opener. When he gets really bored he puts a pencil in his mouth and types on the family's laptop computer to access Internet chat rooms (under the guise of a woman).

Salem the Cat appeared regularly in the Sabrina comic book as a striped tabby cat from 1971-83 (where his thoughts floated in traditional comic balloons). The Salem the cat character also appeared in the 1999-2001 cartoon series spin-off SABRINA: THE ANIMATED SERIES (voice still supplied by Nick Bakay).

Salem and his witch pal, Sabrina

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