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BECKER,  Dr. John
( 555-0199  
Apartment #3B
New York City, NY (Bronx)
John is a general practice physician. He smokes, graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, and has a sour disposition ("surly & obnoxious"). Although Becker has a lousy bedside manner, he is kindhearted and beneath his gruff remarks rests a dedicated physician willing to go the extra mile to help those in his care.

Ted Danson as Dr. John Becker - CBS Network

Becker's medical office staff included Margaret Wyborn, his efficient black office manager and Linda, her loopy nurse's aide who constantly messes up and always comes to work late.

Becker hangs out at a local diner called Reggie's where he stashes his cigarettes in the cash register. The diner's staff, Regina "Reggie" Kostas and Jake Malinak, a blind newspaper/candy vendor don't look forward to John's tirades about how the world is going to hell, but they put up with him anyway. John lives his life by the credo: “No expectation; no disappointment.” He also thinks that most people are cruel, small-minded and shallow. In other words, People suck and so does Christmas.

His female friends included his ex-wife, Sandra who is now a successful author living in Phoenix, AZ; Megan, an ex-flame from college who left her husband, Russ (who cheated on her) for Becker, then left him; Liz, a redheaded hospital physician who eventually moved to Chicago; Anita, a Psych-major turned hooker in Apartment #14; and Chris, a new women in the neighborhood. Although Reggie Kostas was attracted to Becker, he was just to dense to see the potential, until it was too late. Eventually, Reggie just left town.

John's leisure hours are spent reading medical journals, and eating Chinese food. He is allergic to MSG, however.

In 2002, John published an article in the New York Medical Review entitled ”Atypical Mycobacterial Pneumonia” (page 36). Unfortunately, the article got his name wrong. When he complained to the publishers, they happily corrected the mistake. But the name on the corrected article read “John Pecker.”

John interned at Boston General Hospital. John's mother gave him a very nice gold pen as a gift when he became a doctor. John later lost the pen, then found it and then lost it again when a mugger stole it along with his wallet.

Some Classic Becker Gripes

The only people dumber than talk radio listeners are talk radio callers. It's an entire audience made up of the infirm, the unemployed and the insane.

Why don't women say what they mean, instead of speaking in code? "It's okay if we stay in", means "Let's go out." "I love you the way you are." means, "I can change you." And if you hear "Do you think this outfit makes me look fat," it means "Lie to me or sleep alone for the rest of your life."

Okay, a woman wants to pierce her ears so she can wear earrings, fine. But someone's got to explain why anyone would put a key ring through their cheek, a pin in their forehead or a bolt through their tongue. And let's not even talk about all the freaks that feel the need to adorn their genitalia with metal hooks and rings. These people should be stopped. I say put up metal detectors on the streets. Then when you identify a freak you can just ship 'em out to California and be done with it.


Ted Danson as Dr. John Becker
Terry Farrell as Regina "Reggie" Kosta
Hattie Winston as Nurse Margaret Wyborn
Shawnee Smith as Nurse Aide Linda
Alex Desert as Jake Malinak
Saverio Guerra as Bob
Nancy Travis as Christina 'Chris' Conner
Frances Fisher as Dr. Elizabeth 'Liz' Carson

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