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(The District)
Washington Channel Marina (6042)
Slip 38
Washington, DC

Jack is the new District of Columbia Chief of Police. He's tough, no-nonsense but a man of the people. He likes opera, old movies (often referencing plotlines from them) and the 2.75 ounce goodness of a chocolate crisped-rice candy called the Jiffy bar. As for fashion, the Chief can sometimes go overboard, like the wild two-toned shoes he regularly wears to work.

Craig T. Nelson as Chief Jack Mannion on THE DISTRICT

When Jack first arrived in Washington, he hand-picked an elite crew of law enforcers with a plan to clean up DC's crime-ridden streets. His associates in this endeavor included Detective Chief Joe Noland (an African-American who was in the running for Mannion‘s job); Ella Farmer, a black computer statistics analysis expert; Temple Page, a black Officer/Detective; red-haired Officer Nancy Parras; Detective Kevin Debino (he replaced Detective Danny MacGregor who was killed by a car bomb) and Sgt. Phil Brander. To battle crime in the Capital, Mannion utilizes COMSTAT, a Geographical Information System (GIS) that tracks/maps crime by analyzing statistics that predict possible hot spots of criminal activity.

When not fighting crime in the Capital, the 6' 4" Chief Mannion lives on the Betty-O, a restored white tugboat berthed at the Washington Channel Marina (6042) Slip 38. Jack transported the Betty-O from up North where he previously worked in Boston, Massachusetts, and Newark, New Jersey. Mannion shares the boat with a small shaggy terrier named Cujo.

Mannion is a veteran of the Vietnam war and a former transit cop. From time to time, Jack's ex-wife, Sherry Regan pops in and out of his life (they have an off-and on romance despite their seemingly irreconcilable differences - Sherry hates his profession because it's so dangerous and always feared that one day Jack wouldn't come home...alive). Jack and Sherry have two grown children: Jack Jr., who has a drug problem and their daughter, Beth who suffers from depression. She is a Rock and Roll roadie. When asked "When do you see her?", Mannion replies "When she needs money." Besides Sherry, Jack's latest love interest is Vanessa Cavanaugh, a very attractive brunette civil rights attorney.

In 2002, Mannion is surprised by Erin Vratalov (Alla Korot), the daughter of a Russian mobster who escaped from prison and shoots Jack on his boat, The Betty-O. Wounded, Jack falls overboard into the Potomac River. A full-out manhunt ensues to find the Chief as a group of forensic types and cops scour the Betty-O for clues as to the Chief's whereabouts. Eventually, the Chief washes ashore with a bullet wound in his chest. After a slight bout with amnesia and confusion, Mannion hunts down his would-be assassins and then once again takes up residence on the Betty-O. The Chief later sold his boat to an old cop buddy who sailed the Betty-O off into the the sunset to spend his retirement years on the ocean waves. Jack relocated to an inner city apartment to be close to the "People" after he was fired (then reluctantly rehired) by the Mayor.

Jack Mannion and his loyal troops


Craig T. Nelson as Chief Jack Mannion
Lynne Thigpen as Ella Farmer
Roger Aaron Brown as Deputy Chief Joe Noland;
Sean Patrick Thomas as Officer/Detective Temple Page
Elizabeth Marvel as Officer Nancy Parras;
Jonathan LaPaglia as Detective Kevin Debreno
Alla Korot as Erin Putin
Justin Theroux as Nick Pierce
 Jayne Brook as Deputy Mayor Mary Ann Mitchell
David O'Hara as Detective Danny McGregor
John Amos as  Mayor Ethan Baker
Wayne Duvall as Sgt. Phil Brander
Segun Ajaga as Ricky Alvarez
 Ken Feinberg as Tyrell Crawford;
Julian Franco as Paramedic
Kerrigan Mahan as P.J. Hawks
Kelly Rutherford as Mayoral candidate
 Jean Smart as Sherry Mannion
Richard Burgi as Captain Vincent Hunter
William Turner as Ricky Alvarez #2
Jaclyn Smith  as Vanessa Cavanaugh

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