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TRIVIA NOTE: Matlock's white, 100-year old stone and clapboard home with green trim is actually a private residence located at 106 Lord Street [off Moore Street] in Southport, North Carolina. The series was filmed in and around the towns of Southport, and Wilmington, NC.

ANDY GRIFFITH: Born June 1, 1926 in Mount Airy, North Carolina, the 6 foot tall Andrew Samuel Griffith grew up in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

He earned a degree in music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and later pursued a career in acting. He took a stab at comedy and created a successful 1953 live recording "What it was, was football" about a country boy at his first football game.

His early acting roles included the films A Face in the Crowd (1957) and No Time for Sergeants (1958 - which he first performed on Broadway in 1954); and Onionhead (1958).

Andy's fame as an actor came with his role as folksy Sheriff Andy Taylor on the rural sitcom THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW that was set in the town of Mayberry, North Carolina.

Andy later starred in the TV series THE HEADMASTER (1970); THE NEW ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (1971); THE ADAMS OF EAGLE LAKE (1975 - as a rural sheriff Sam Adams); SALVAGE 1 (1979); THE YEAGERS (1981) and MATLOCK (1986 - which Andy claims is his favorite character).

Andy also appeared in the TV Movie reunion Return to Mayberry (1986); Andy Griffith Show Reunion (1993); The Andy Griffith Show Reunion: Return to Mayberry (2003); and the mini-series Roots the Next Generation (1979); From Here to Eternity (1979); Centennial (1978); Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977).

TV Guide magazine [June 20, 2004 issue] ranked Griffith's Andy Taylor character on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68 as their No. 8 pick as the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time."

Perhaps, Andy's most disturbing portrayal was his acclaimed role as a homicidal villain in the TV film Murder In Coweta County (1983).

THE SIMPSONS: On the FOX animated sitcom THE SIMPSONS, Grampa Abe Simpson (a retired cranberry silo night watchman), loves Matlock Why? because "He puts young people behind bars (where they belong)" Grampa once said "I'm an old man. I hate everything but 'Matlock'. Oooh! It's on now." The Mayor of Springfield even named a new roadway system the Matlock Expressway in honor of the residents of the local Springfield Retirement Castle where Grampa Simpson lives.

Here are some Grampa Simpson quotes on Matlock

Abe: I say we call Matlock. He'll find the culprit. It's probably that evil Gavin MacLeod or George "Goober" Lindsay.
Bart: [dismissively] Grampa, Matlock's not real.
Abe: Neither are my teeth, but I can still eat corn on the cob, if someone cuts it off and smushes it into a fine paste. Now that's good eatin'!

--Episode "Cape Feare"

Bob: So sorry, Mr. Simpson. Your house is blocking construction of our new Matlock Expressway .[camera pulls back to show expressway looming  overhead] Now, I am a fair man. You will have 72 hours to vacate. At that time we will blow up your house and any remaining Simpsons.
Marge: Homer, we've got to stop them!
Homer: I know what you're up to, Mayor Terwigiger. And no one in my family's going to stand for it.
[Abe honks horn from atop expressway]
Abe: Move your goldurn house, son!

--Episdode "Sideshow Bob Roberts"

De. Hibbert: Er, welcome to the new Springfield Center for Geriatric Medicine. You know, health care for the aging is an important priority in this --
Abe: Get to Matlock! Maaatlooock!
De. Hibbert: Well, uh, ahem, without further ado, heh heh, I give you the man who puts young people behind bars -- where they belong. TV's Matlock! [An old man with two canes walks slowly onto the stage]
Crowd: [singing] We love you Matlock, oh yes we do...
  In their excitement, the crowd turns violent and rushes the stage, knocking poor Matlock over and tugging cruelly at his collar, tearing it. Someone even puts their cane around his throat. On the way back to the Springfield Retirement Castle, Abe seems quiet.
Jasper: What's eatin' you, Abe? For three weeks all you've been talking about is meeting Matlock. Now you've met him, swiped his pills -- [reads label] "Take one every hour to prevent spastic heart convulsions" -- [An ambulance drives by with its siren blaring; inside a doctor uses cardiac stimulator, yelling "Clear!"] -- but you ain't said a word.
Abe: Looking at that tired old freak has made me realize I'm no spring chicken myself. I can feel death's clammy hand on my shoulder...wait, that's my hand.
  In the next scene, the Simpson family is seated in front of Grampa at their house.

--Episode "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy"

Quotes courtesy of The Simpsons Archives

Matlock - Courtesy of NBC


Andy Griffith as Benjamin 'Ben' Matlock
Linda Purl as Charlene Matlock
Kene Holliday as Tyler Hudson
Julie Sommars as A.D.A. Julie March
Kari Lizer as Cassie Phillips
Nancy Stafford as Michelle Thomas
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Conrad McMasters
Brynn Thayer as Leanne McIntyre
Daniel Roebuck as Cliff Lewis
Carol Huston as Jerri Stone
Tracey Cuesta as Attorney
Michael Durrell as D.A. Lloyd Burgess
David Froman as Lt. Bob Brooks
Andy Griffith as Charlie Matlock, Ben's father
Billy Mumy as Irwin Bruckner, Ben's nephew
Christina Pickles as Diana Huntington, Ben's cousin
Anne Haney as Elsie, Ben's aunt
Warren Frost as Billy Lewis
Don Knotts as Les "Ace" Calhoun
Lucille Meredith as Judge Irene Sawyer
Richard Newton as Judge Richard Cooksey
Jason Wingreen as Judge Arthur Beaumont
Anne Francis as Janet Master, Ben's Old Flame

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