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Herman is a monster. He is seven-foot-three inches tall, wears very large shoes (26C) and sports a  deathly pale complexion.  He was built (not born) in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory from various body parts about 150 years ago in Germany. He later moved to England and was adopted by a family named Munster.

Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster - THE MUNSTERS

Despite his eerie, Frankenstein face (with one brown eye and one chartreuse), Herman is not your average vicious bloodthirsty monster, but rather a kind, loveable guy and devoted family man with a hearty laugh and a sometimes childish manner.

Ironically, although Herman and his family members are monsters (in the classic Universal monster movie sense), they never quite realize that their ghoulish ways are different from the rest of the world around them. They feel perfectly normal and do not understand why strangers run screaming from their home when they answer the door.

Herman shares his spooky cobwebbed-filled home with his vampire wife, Lily; their son, Eddie Wolfgang Munster, Lily's father Grandpa "Dracula" Munster; and Marilyn Munster, Lily's niece who has lived with the Munsters since she was a child.

Herman's Family

Lily Munster

Grandpa Munster

Eddie Munster

Marilyn Munster

Lily Grandpa Eddie Marilyn

Herman's wife, Lily is a devoted mother and housewife. She spreads dust around her house to give it the right ambiance and designs her own cloth. One of her creations was made from black widow web; an under slip of pure unborn centipede; and a cape made of lovely green colored pestis coffin lining. Lily topped off her fashion look with black fingernails and Chanel No. 13 perfume ("the most exotic").

When it comes time for dinner, Lily is a whiz in the kitchen and always finds time to prepare a nice hot meal for Herman and family .Their mealtime included such delicacies as chopped lizard livers, cold rhinoceros tongue sandwiches, fillet of dragon, eggs (Gloomy side up), cream of vulture soup (Herman's favorite), curried lizard casserole, rolled hyena-foot roast, bird's nest stew (Grandpa's favorite), warm ladyfingers with pickled frog ears, Dodo bird roast, cream of buzzard or iguana soup; cactus salad, and salamander salad with centipede dressing. Choice of beverages were Bloody Mary or bat's milk (served hot). Their meals were topped off with a nice serving of Devil's Food Cake.

Lily's 378 year-old father, 'Grandpa' Vladimir Dracula, who has been married 16 times, lives in the basement dungeon of the Munster house. He sleeps hanging upside down like a bat. He also has a son named Lester who is "the" Wolf Man.

Grandpa Munster often concocted potions in his basement laboratory. He once made some Nothin' Muffins (one bite turns anything into nothin'). As he recalled "Thirty years ago in Detroit, a fellow ate a batch of 'em. Next day he sat down and designed the Essex."

The Munster's little boy, Eddie Wolfgang, (a wolfboy) also sleeps hanging upside down in his closet and howls at night. Eddie wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit, and attends fifth grade at Mockingbird Heights Elementary School where he belongs to the running team. For comfort, Eddie carries a furry-faced wolfman doll affectionately named "Woof Woof".

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