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Superhero Costumes

Superman Costume - George Reeves played Superman, the Man of Steel from the planet Krypton on the sci-fi series ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN/SYN/1951-57.

Superman wore a capped costume of red, white, blue and yellow. The original costume made for the series was actually brown and light gray to contrast better with the black and white photography used on the earlier episodes.

When George Reeves died (he allegedly committed suicide in 1959) he was buried in the same suit that he had worn while playing Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent, the mild-mannered reporter who worked for The Daily Planet newspaper.

Superman from the 1930s to the present

Action Comics NO. 1 - Debut of Superman       Superman Comic Book Character

Superman Comics
(Debuted in 1938)


Kirk Alyn - 1940s Superman Serials

George Reeves - 1950s Superman

Christopher Reeve - 1978 Movie Superman

Kirk Alyn
 "Superman Serials"  (1940s)
George Reeves "Adventures of Superman" (1952) Christopher Reeve "Superman" (1978)

John Naymes Newton - 1988 Superboy

Dean Cain - Superman 1993

Tom Welling - Smallville 2001

John Haymes Newton "Superboy" (1988) Dean Cain
"Lois & Clark" (1993)
Tom Welling
"Smallville" (2001)
  Brandon Routh "Superman Returns" (2006)  

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