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Loquatia the ComputerLoquatia the Computer -Sassy, opinionated computer entity on the science fiction comedy HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE/UPN/1996-7. Loquatia (Rhona L. Bennett) was the computer-generated personality seen on the onboard computer system of a starship Space Hoopty that roams the space corridors of the 23rd century.

Loquatia loves to sing and resents being confined to the computer console. She reluctantly offers navigational advice and other bits of information to the crew. But Loquatia does enjoys giving personal advice (whether wanted or not).

The crew that she serves includes the ship's pilot, Tyberius Walker (Flex) and Morris Clay (Darryl M. Bell) the first mate. Loquatia likes Morris and teases him with her cybernetic feminine wiles.

On the flip-flop, Loquatia barely tolerates Ty's presence onboard their run-down spacecraft and continually torments him with her tart-tongued, caustic remarks.

TRIVIA NOTE: Aptly named, Loquatia's name is derivative of the Latin word "lo·qua·cious" meaning "Very talkative; garrulous; gabby; chatty; full of trivial conversation." See also - "Holly the Computer

The Crew of the Space Hoopty - Ty and Morris
The crew of the Space Hoopty (Ty and Morris)

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