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Seinfeld 'Sex' Contest - On the November 18, 1992 episode No. 49 "The Contest" of the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 George Costanza's mother Estelle (Estelle Harris) catches him masturbating while viewing a copy of Glamour magazine.

After confiding his embarrassment to his friends, George's predicament prompted "The Contest" to see how long each of his pals could go without spanking their monkey. Each bet $100 (they made Elaine put up $150 because women are different).


Within minutes, Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) dropped out ("I'm out!") after seeing a naked lady in a window across the street. Jerry's former girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was next to fall (she fantasized about John John Kennedy).

Finally, it was down to Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza to prove who could remain "Master Of Their Domain." Although George boasted that he had prevailed over Jerry in episode No. 63 "The Puffy Shirt," he excitedly confessed "I cheated!" when he thought he would die in a plane crash on the series final episode.

During the competition, when asked who was still in the contest?, Jerry commented he was still "Lord of the Manor"; George said he was still "King of the County"; and Elaine asserted she was "Queen of the Castle."

On episode No. 135 "The Abstinence" (11/21/96) George decided to be celibate and discovered all the energy he expended on sex was channeled into his brain cells. He soon became a genius (for a time).

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