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Couch Potato ButtonOfficial Couch Potato Cookbook - Book published by Mary Beth Jung, Melinda Corey, and Jackie Ogburn (Warner Books, 1988) that is filled with recipes to help the true Couch Potato enjoy their television viewing.

The Couch Potato® movement was created in the 1980s by artist Robert Armstrong from Dixon, California who proudly proclaims "There's no reason to be ashamed. Say it loud: I'm a TV viewer and proud."

In 1983, Jack Mingo (with illustration by Robert Armstrong) wrote The "Official Couch Potato® Handbook" (Capra Press). The book's table of contents includes such topics as "What is a Couch Potato®"; "Are You A Couch Potato®: The Seven Warning Signs; "Types of Prolonged Television Viewers": "Etiquette for the Couch Potato® by Dr. Davenport H. Spudd"; "How to Pick Up Couch Tomatoes: Seven Great Lines for Picking up Couch Tomatoes"; "The History of Couch Potatoes" by Robert Armstrong; and "Enemies of the Movement: How to Survive "Deprogramming"

Other titles of similar interest include "The Couch Potato® Guide to Life" (Morrow/Avon Books, 1985). See also - FANS: "Couch Potatoes®"

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