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Animorphs - Group of teen-age superheroes who change ("morph") into animals on the Scholastic Productions science fiction series ANIMORPHS/SYN/1998-1999.

Based on the popular kids books Animorphs written by K.A. Applegate in 1996, the Animorphs battle the evil Yeerks, a parasitic species from a distant planet who invade a host's brain and turn them into zombie-like robots called "Controllers."

To battle the threat of the Yeerks, a dying alien named Elfangor, a prince of the Andalites (who crash-landed on Earth) gave several  children the power to morph so they could prevent the invading Yeerks from enslaving every human being on the planet.

The Animorphs can become any animal they touch and use their energy and instincts to resist the invading aliens. The Animorph members consist of Shawn Ashmore as Jake; Brooke Nevin as Rachel; Boris Cabrera as Marco; Nadia-Leigh Nascimento as Cassie; Christopher Ralph as Tobias; and Pauolo Costanzo as Ax.

Cast members from "Animorphs"

The cast transforms into Animorphs

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