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Baileys - Monstrous airborne creatures that have driven the world's population underground and taken over the Earth's surface on the action adventure CLEOPATRA 2525/SYN/2000.

An Attacking Bailey
A Bailey attacks

In the year 2525, Mankind lives underground in a subterranean universe filled with immense labyrinth of shafts and corridors. The human populations inhabiting these domains have evolved independently over hundreds of years, giving rise to a vast array of diverse cultures.

Bailey-engineered Betrayer robots, outwardly indistinguishable from humans, roam among the people, ready to warn their masters of any impending insurrection.

Fiercely committed to regaining Earth‘s surface world, three female warriors: Helen "Hel" Carter (Gina Torres), Rose "Sarge" (Victoria Pratt) and Cleopatra "Cleo" (Jennifer Sky) - who wakes up 500 years after being cryogenically frozen during breast implant surgery - battle the Baileys with help from Mauser (Patrick Kake), an android that runs their lab.

Cast of CLEOPATRA 2525
Hel, Cleo and Sarge

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