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Mac & BlooBloo - The imaginary friend of an eight-year old boy named Mac on the Cartoon Network's childrens series FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS/CAR/2004+.

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo (Keith Ferguson) is a blue blob with two eyes, a mouth and a mischievous streak. He lives in a house occupied by Mac (Sean Marquette), Mac's single mother, and Mac's brother, Terrence, a 13-year-old punk who terrorizes Mac and Bloo. One day, however, Mac's mother decides that Mac has outgrown his imaginary friend and must say goodbye to Bloo.

Luckily, Mac learns of a unique place (from a TV commercial) called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ("where good ideas are not forgotten."). It was owned by a sweet, but eccentric old lady named Madame Foster (Candi Milo) who originally opened her establishment (a Victorian mansion filled with many parlors) because she didn't want to leave her very own imaginary friend called Mr. Herriman.

With the help of her sensible teenage granddaughter, Miss Francis '"Frankie" (Grey Delisle), Madame Foster offers a safe refuge for displaced imaginary beings ("who need a place to crash, hang out and do stuff") and also provides adoption placement services to children who don't have their own imaginary friends (or lack the ability to conjure one up on their own). Meanwhile, as long as Mac visits Bloo everyday, Madame foster agreed not to place Bloo up for adoption.

Other residents in this home for abandoned imaginary friends included Wilt (Phil LaMarr), a tall, orange, anorexic being who looks like a basketball player with one arm missing - he continually says "I'm Sorry"; Eduardo (Tom Kenny), a wild looking horned-beast with purple hair and fangs who is afraid of everything - he speaks Spanish; Coco (Candi Milo), an addled bird creature with green, feather duster hair who lays plastic eggs filled with surprises - it can only say one word ("Coco"); Duchess Diamond Persnickedy (Grey Delisle), a snooty European lady with a short elephant snout for a nose; and of course, Mr. Harriman (Tom Kane), a tall, gray rabbit dressed in a tuxedo, tails, top hat and monocle who speaks with a refined manner and helps Mrs. Foster run her unique business.

Max, Bloo & Friends at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

TRIVIA NOTE: The inspiration for the series (aimed at 6-to 11-year-olds) came from the many doodles in the sketchbook of cartoonist Craig McCracken, the creator of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and DEXTER'S LAB.

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