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Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio - HAPPY DAYSAl Delvecchio's Curse - On the Halloween episode No. 124 on the sitcom HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-84 an old lady places a curse on restaurant owner Al Delvecchio (Al Molinaro). When his right hand begins to move uncontrollably, Al fears the worse. His friends, however, realizes it's only in his mind and arrange a mock séance to dispel his fears.

To remove the curse, Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) dresses in a Merlin costume and instructs Al to lie on a table. Then reading a ceremony from the same book that the old lady used, Richie proclaims:

"Al, behold that the evil will be caste from your body when you see the eyes of Isis and the bones of Zeus...Do I hear the sirens call of music" ["Take out the papers and the trash" accidentally played] "I am calling on the spirits of darkness. Gather oh spirits and help caste out the you know what from this pitiful hulk of a man. Enter spirits." [door opens and slams shut] "And now I call on the eye of Isis...I call on the bones of Zeus." [Thunder booms] "Hear me spirits arise, arise and cast out this curse... Presto! Chango!, Rotten Tomatoes!, Arise and cast out the curse."

As evidence the curse was being removed, Richie's friends dangle a large eye and a skeleton in the air [Thunder booms, lightning flashes] but suddenly, the witch who placed the curse on Al bursts into the room. "Who calls upon the spirits of darkness? Who dares to challenge my powers of evil."

Enter Fonzie saying, "Let me tell you something lady, your old curse is full of malarkey." To punish Fonzie for his insolence, the woman pulls out a voodoo doll dressed just like the Fonz and begins to twist its head and abuse its body. At first the Fonz seems to be affected by her magic and falls to the floor in defeat.

But, after a moment, the Fonz stands up and announces that he is fine. With that, Ralph cries, "The Good Fairy saved him!" "No, no, no, Ralph," said Fonzie assuredly. "No Good Fairy, no magic, no witches. What we got here is a wonderful old lady who is a little misguided, you know. What you got here is the power of suggestion."

Now enlightened, Al realizes he was foolish to believe in such superstitious nonsense and quickly recovers the use of his arm.

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