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Curse of Maljardin - On the supernatural adventure STRANGE PARADISE/SYN/1969-70 Colin Fox played Jean Paul Desmond, a wealthy financier who lived in a cursed family mansion on the Caribbean Island of Maljardin (French for "Evil Garden").

Jean Paul's love for his wife Erica was so great that he tried to resurrect her dead body (stored in cryogenic suspension) with the aid of a biochemist.

When science fails him Jean Paul calls upon the forces of darkness and the long-departed spirit of Jacques Eloi DeMonde (Colin Fox), one of Jean Paul's ancestors. Taking refuge in his painted portrait that sits over the mansion fireplace, St. Jacques brings Erica back from the dead.

Unfortunately, Erica's sweet nature was replaced by evil which now coveted the lush, young body of Holly Marshall (Sylvia Feigel), a beautiful heiress visiting Jean Paul. To possess Holly's soul, Erica first needed to transport her to hell by pricking her heart with the Pin of Death.

Upon discovering Erica's plan and the trail of murders she committed, Jean Paul set a torch to the mansion and to the portrait of St. Jacques. The resulting inferno destroyed his family homestead, as well as the supernatural powers of St. Jacques and the evil Erica.

As Jean Paul watches his dreams go up in smoke, he hears the voice of St. Jacques proclaim "Whether you live or die, Jean Paul Desmond, wherever you choose to run, your curse will follow you, and life for you will always be a strange paradise."

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