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Deney Terrio - Host of DANCE FEVERDance Fever - The half-hour series dance show DANCE FEVER/SYN/1979-87 was filled with dancers competing for a grand prize of $25,000 (and later $50,000). Hosted by Deney Terrio, the program featured a panel of three guest celebrities who judged the dance contestants as they bopped to the disco beat and other recorded melodies popular at the time.

The show also starred a dance group called "Motion" including hoofers Dianne Day, Flo Solder, Toni Yuskis, Janet Marie Jones, Debra Johnson, Jeanie Thompson, Debby Harris, and Cindy Milican. Adrian Zmed replaced Terrio as the host of the show in 1985. Zmed had previously been a celebrity panelist on the show.

Prior to hosting DANCE FEVER, Deney Terrio had choreographed John Travolta's moves in Saturday Night Fever. He later appeared on several television shows and specials, including "Soul Train," "The Roberta Flack Special," and "Dick Clark's Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll Special." He also did choreography in the films The Idolmaker (1980) and A Night in Heaven (1982).

In 2005, Graham Norton hosted a British show called STRICTLY DANCE FEVER/BBC/2005 that searched for talented amateur dancers who competed for the chance to win £50,000.

TRIVIA NOTE: A similar group of dancers (a la "Motion") appeared weekly on the syndicated musical countdown program SOLID GOLD/SYN/1980-88. Known as "The Solid Gold Dancers," this group of sexy male and female dancers bounced and strutted their athletic bodies to the tunes of the top ten records of the week.

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