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Date Explanation
January 18  Date on blackboard in the kitchen set of BENSON. The date was a      reminder to one of the script writers of his dad's birthday.
June 16 Date the planet Krypton exploded  on The Adventures of Superman
June 12, 1983

The opening shots of the "spindrift" spaceship heading through the storm carry a superimposed flight date of June 12 1983. This date is producer Irwin Allen's birthday! (Land of the Giants)
August, 29, 1967 "Tuesday, August 29th, 1967. The day the running stopped."  The last episode of The Fugitive when Dr. Richard Kimble (falsely accused of killing his wife, Helen on September 19, 1961) was acquitted of his murder charges.
September 13, 1999 Moon Blown from Earth's Orbit  on sci-fi series SPACE: 1999
October 13   The company that produces The X-Files (Ten Thirteen Productions)
is a veiled reference to the birth date of Chris Carter, the series' creator.
October 16, 1997 Space Family Robinson launched into space in the Jupiter II spacecraft towards Alpha Centauri on Lost in Space
November 11, 2000
The prophesized date when Sara Pezzini was to become the next wielder of The Witchblade, a mystical talisman of power.
December 5, 1988 Marital dissolution papers processed for Elliot  & Nancy Weston on domestic drama Thirtysomething
December 22, 2012 The date of the final alien invasion of Earth on The X-Files. Note: December 23, 2012 is the day the ancient Mayan calendar will end.

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