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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Hit By Car  Debbie Bates EastEnders
Car Crash (Foul Play) Pete Beale & girlfriend, Rose  EastEnders
Murdered Reg Cox  EastEnders
Lorry (Truck ) Crash Charlie Cotton  EastEnders
Drug Overdose Donna  EastEnders
Bludgeoned (Hit Over Head) Arthur Fowler EastEnders
AIDS Gill  EastEnders
Crib Death Baby Hassan EastEnders
Hit By Lorry (Truck) Andy O'Brien EastEnders
Murdered (by Nick Cotton?) Eddie Royle  EastEnders
Murdered  Den Watts  EastEnders
Killed By Car  Roly (Den's Poodle)  EastEnders
Shot in Mugging Attorney's Girlfriend Equal Justice
Falling helicopter squashed him flat as a pancake Dr. Robert Romano
(Ding! Dong! the creep is DEAD!)
Killed in Car Crash Dr. Benton's ex-wife ER
Hit by Train (Suicide?)  Doctor Dennis Gant  ER
Brutally Stabbed in the ER Lucy Knight, Med Student
Died 02:56 February 14, 2000
Brain Tumor Complications Doctor Mark Greene ER
Burned to Death Paramedic Raul Melendez ER
Killed In Car Accident Ray Ross, Doug's Dad ER
Killed by Gangbangers Peter Benton's Nephew ER
Died from Leukemia Dr. Anspaugh's Son ER
Dies after going into a fire in an abandoned warehouse
(Building collapse)
Firefighter Sandy Lopez, Lesbian partner of  Dr. Kerry Weaver ER
Car Accident Julia Brown Everwood
Complications during
brain surgery/DNR death
Colin Hart Everwood

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