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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Poison Cigar  Billionaire Roland Saunders Falcon Crest
Auto Accident Friend of Alex Keaton's  Family Ties
Heart attack Steven Keaton's father  Family Ties 
Drowned (but later revived) Aeryn Sun Farscape
Plane Explosion Capt. Amanda Cohen Forever Knight
Failed Vampirism Transfer Dr. Natalie Lambert  Forever Knight 
Stake though Heart Vampire/Det. Nick Knight Forever Knight
Plane Explosion Det. Donald Schanke Forever Knight
Tracy Vetter Staked Him Vampire Javier Vachon Forever Knight
Killed in Shootout Det. Tracy Vetter  Forever Knight
Heart Attack Banging Ceiling Mr. Heckles Friends
Hit by a Taxi Cab Joanna, Rachel's Boss Friends



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