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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Plane Crash (WOOS) Sally McMillan McMillan & Wife
Cancer Anna Draper (widow of the real Don Draper who died in Korea) Mad Men
Died of Natural Causes at her Work Desk Ida Blankenship Mad Men
Gunshot (But only a dream) Thomas Magnum Magnum, P.I.
Killed in Car Bomb Explosion Navy Lt. Mac Reynolds Magnum, P.I.
Plane Crash in Sea of Japan
"Lt. Colonel Henry Blake's plane shot down over the Sea of Japan.  It spun out of control. There were no survivors."  Read by Radar O'Reilly
Colonel Henry Blake M*A*S*H
Drowned in Bowl of Soup Guest at Kitchen Table Mary Hartman
TV Set Fell in Bathtub Evangelist Jimmy Joe Jeter Mary Hartman
Impaled on Aluminum Christmas tree Garth Gimble  Mary Hartman
Crushed by Parade Elephant  Chuckles the Clown Mary Tyler Moore
Heart Attack Mr. Campbell  Melrose Place
Committed Suicide with Gun Keith Gray  Melrose Place
Hanging Bruce Teller Melrose Place
Shot by  Jo Beth Reynolds  Reed Carter   Melrose Place
Shot by Brittany Palmer Woodward  Melrose Place
Respiratory Failure  Jack Parezi Melrose Place
Explosion Set by Kimberly Mackenzie Hart  Melrose Place
Shot by Police  Paul Graham Melrose Place
Heart Attack Mr. Fielding  Melrose Place
Head Injured in Fall  Jess Hanson Melrose Place
Drowning Hayley Armstrong Melrose Place
Shot by Park Ranger Richard Hart Melrose Place
Pushed from Window by Alycia Bobby Parezi Melrose Place
Drowning Brooke Armstrong Campbell Melrose Place
Car Accident Alycia Barnett Melrose Place
Brain Tumor  Kimberly Shaw Melrose Place
Heart Attack Arthur Field  Melrose Place
Car Accident Jim Reilly Melrose Place
Hit by Sam's Father's Car Sydney Andrews Melrose Place
Shot in Restaurant Det. Michelle Vega Mentalist, The
Killed By Mobster Det. Larry Zito Miami Vice
Mob Assassination Rock Singer Caitlin Davies Miami Vice

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