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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Auto Accident Valerie Hogan Valerie
Bludgeoned to death by movie star Aaron Echolls Lilly Kane, the best friend of teenager Veronica Mars. Her murder inspired the book "Big Murder, Small Town" written by former town sheriff, Keith Mars. A man named Abel Koontz was sentenced to prison for Lilly's murder (but he was not the killer). Veronica Mars
Apparent Suicide Lynn Echolls, wife of Aaron and mother of Logan and Trina Veronica Mars
Stabbed to death by a rival hood named Thumper Felix Tombs, a member of a local PCH biker gang. Logan Echolls was initially framed for the murder after a bunch of PCH bikers brutally beat him. While lying unconscious, Thumper planted the knife that killed Felix on Logan. Veronica Mars
Bomb placed on Neptune High School bus by Cassidy Casablancas Eight Neptune High School Students Veronica Mars
Injured when school bus plunged off a highway into the ocean. She survived in a coma then eventually died. Meg, a Neptune High School cheerleader. She was the sole survivor of the tragic bus accident and the mother of Duncan Kane's baby (which he kidnapped after Meg's death). Meg's pregnancy was discovered while she was in a coma. Veronica Mars
Shot in the back by a Neptune High School security guard Lucky, the Neptune High School janitor and former army veteran. He was stalking a student named Gia Goodman with a gun while on the school campus. Veronica Mars
Aircraft exploded in mid-air via remote control by Cassidy Casablancas Depraved Mayor Woody Goodman, and Neptune town Sheriff Lamb who took the Mayor into custody. Veronica Mars' father, Keith was believed to onboard the flight, but he was denied access to the plane and took a car back home to Neptune. Veronica Mars
Jumped off the roof of the Neptune Grand Hotel during the "alterna-prom" when his failed attempt to kill Veronica Mars was thwarted by Logan Echolls.  Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, the rapist of  Veronica Mars Veronica Mars
Shot in the back of head execution style by a black man identified on the phone by Duncan as 'CW' - aka Clarence Widman, former head of Kane security Aaron Echolls, movie star accused and acquitted of the murder of Lilly Kane, the brother of Duncan Kane (who arranged for the inevitable hit on Aaron Echolls). Veronica Mars
Killed College Dean Veronica Mars

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