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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Edelman, Herb 07/21/1996 Good Guys &
Golden Girls 
Edsen, Buddy 07/06/2003 Disney's "Davy Crockett," The Beverly Hillbillies & Barnaby Jones Pneumonia at age 95
Edwards, Ralph 11/16/2005 This Is Your Life  and
Truth or Consequences
Heart Failure
Edwards, Vince 03/11/1996  Ben Casey   Pancreatic Cancer  
Elam, Jack 10/20/2003 Struck by Lightning Veteran Character Actor   Congestive heart Failure
Elcar, Dana 06/06/2005 MacGuyver (Elcar  had gone blind while on the show but remained until the series ended in 1992) Complications of Pneumonia
Elliot, Stephen 05/21/2005 St. Elsewhere (played Manny Schecter) Congestive Heart Failure
Enriquéz, René 03/23/1990 Hill Street Blues AIDS
Erwin, Steve

See - Irwin, Steve, (The Crocodile Hunter)

Evans, Dale 02/07/2001  The Roy Rogers Show  Congestive Heart Failure 
Evans, Maurice 03/12/1989 Bewitched (Sam's Dad) Cancer
Evans, Mike 12/14/2006 The Jeffersons (Lionel) Throat Cancer   
Everett, Chad 07/24/2012 Medical Center Lung Cancer

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