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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Fafara, Stanley 09/20/2003  Leave It To Beaver
(played Whitey)
Surgery/Drug Abuse
Falk, Peter 06/23/2011 Columbo Alzheimer's Disease
Farentino, James 01/24/2012 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, Blue Thunder, Dynasty, Melrose Place & Police Story Long Illness
Farley, Chris 12/18/1997  Saturday Night Live  Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Fawcett, Farrah 06/25/2009 Charlies' Angels Anal Cancer
Fenneman, George 05/29/1997  You Bet Your Life  Emphysema  
Fickett, Mary 09/08/2011 All My Children (Ruth Martin) Natural Causes
Field, Sylvia 07/31/1998  Dennis the Menace  Natural Causes ?
Fiedler, John 06/25/2005 The Bob Newhart Show (Played Mr. Peterson) Cancer
Fine, Larry 01/24/1975  The Three Stooges  Stroke  
Fisher, Gail 12/02/2000  Mannix  Kidney Failure
Flanders, Ed 02/22/1986 St. Elsewhere   Suicide - Gunshot
Fleming, Eric 09/28/1966 Rawhide Drowned in Peru
(Tingo Maria area)
Floren, Myron 07/23/2005 The Lawrence Welk Show (Accordionist) Cancer
Flynn, Joe 07/07/1974  McHale's Navy Drowned
Fong, Kam 10/18/2002 Hawaii Five-O Lung Cancer
Ford, Ernie 10/17/1991   The Ford Show Liver Ailment
Ford, Glenn 08/30/2006

Cade's County and The Family Holvak

Natural Causes/Frail Health
Forsythe, Henderson 04/17/2006 As the World Turns Undisclosed Causes
Forsythe, John 04/01/2010 Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty Cancer/Pneumonia
Foxx Redd 10/11/1991 Sanford & Son Heart Attack at Work
Foy, Fred 12/22/2010 Provided voice to the Lone Ranger Introductons "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty 'Hi-Yo Silver!" Natural Causes
Franciosa, Tony 01/19/2006 Finder of Lost Loves, Matt Helm, The Name of the Game, Search, and Valentine's Day Stroke
Francis, Anne 01/02/2011 Honey West, Twilight Zone Complications of Pancreatic Cancer
Franciscus, James 07/08/1981 Longstreet & Mr. Novak Cancer
Franken, Steve 08/24/2012 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (played Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.) Cancer
Franklin, Gretchen 07/11/2005 Eastenders Natural Causes
Frann, Mary 09/23/1998  Newhart Heart Attack
Franz, Arthur 06/17/2006 Movie & TV Character Actor Heart Failure & Emphysema/ Pneumonia
Frawley, William 03/03/1966 I Love Lucy &
My Three Sons
Sudden Heart Attack
Frid, Jonathan 04/13/2012 Dark Shadows Natural Causes
Friebus, Florida 03/27/1988 Dobie Gillis & Bob Newhart Cancer
Funicello, Annette 04/08/2013 The Mickey Mouse Club , Beach Party Movies, and Skippy Peanut Butter Ads Complications from Multiple Sclerosis

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