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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Kamel, Stanley 04/08/2008 Monk (Dr. Charles Kroger) Heart Attack
Karras, Alex 10/10/2012 Webster Kidney Failure
Kaufman, Andy 05/16/1984  Taxi   Lung Cancer
Kaye, Danny 03/03/1987   The Danny Kaye Show  Hepatitis & Leukemia
Kaye, Stubby 12/14/1997  Pantomime Quiz   Cancer
Keeshan, Bob  01/23/2004 Captain Kangaroo Natural Causes
Keith, Brian 06/24/1997  Family Affair   Emphysema & Suicide by Gunshot
Kelly, Brien 02/12/2005 Flipper (played Father) Pneumonia (had been partially paralyzed in motorcycle accident)
Kelly, Jack 11/07/1992   Maverick  (Bart)  Stroke
Kesner, Jillian 12/05/2007 Happy Days (Fonzie's girlfriend, Lorraine) Staph Infection
Kilgallen, Dorothy 11/07/1965  What's My Line? Alcohol & Barbiturates
Kilian, Victor Jr. 03/11/1979 Mary Hartman Clubbed to Death  
King, Alan 05/09/2004 Ed Sullivan Show Lung Cancer
King, Mabel 11/09/1999   What's Happening!!   Diabetes Complication
Kinison, Sam 04/10/1992 Charlie Hoover  Traffic Accident
Kirby, Durward 03/16/2000 The Garry Moore Show and Candid Camera Heart Failure
Kirk, Phyllis 10/21/2006 The Thin Man
(played Nora Charles)
Post-Cerebral Aneurysm
Kleeb, Helen 12/28/2003 Miss Mamie Baldwin on THE WALTONS Natural Causes
Knight, Ted 08/26/1986  Mary Tyler Moore Show  Cancer
Knotts, Don 02/24/2006 The Andy Griffith Show (Deputy Barney Fife) and Three's Company (Mr. Furley) Pulmonary and Respiratory Complications
Koenig, Andrew 02/??/2010

Growing Pains ("Boner")

Suicide (Found dead in a Vancouver Park)
Kovacs, Ernie 01/13/1962 The Ernie Kovacs Show Car Crash into Telephone Pole
Kulp, Nancy 02/03/1991  The Beverly Hillbillies  Cancer
Kuralt, Charles 07/04/1997  CBS Sunday Morning  Lupus
Kuter, Kay 11/12/2003 Petticoat Junction/Green Acres (farmer Newt Kiley) Pulmonary Complications

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