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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Laine, Frankie
02/06/2007 Sang theme sang for western series Rawhide Hip replacement surgery complication
LaLanne, Jack 01/23/2011 TV Fitness Guru, aka 'The Healthiest Man in America' ("I can't afford to die, it'd wreck my image") Complications from Pneumonia
Landesberg, Steve
12/20/2010 Barney Miller (Det. Arthur Dietrich) Cancer
Landon, Michael 07/01/1991  Bonanza (Little Joe)  Pancreatic / Liver Cancer
Lane, Charlie 07/09/2007  Veteran character actor - famous for playing people with a sour-disposition (played Railroad Executive Homer Bedloe on Petticoat Junction) Natural Causes
Lange, Hope 12/19/2003 Ghost & Mrs. Muir Ischemic Colitis
Langford, Frances 07/11/2005 The Frances Langford Show (sang on radio and Bob Hope recordings) Congestive Heart Failure
Lansing, Robert 10/23/1994 Equalizer   Cancer
Lanteau, William 11/03/1993 Newhart  Heart Surgery Complication
Lawford, Peter 12/24/1984 Dear Phoebe  Cirrhosis of Liver
Lee, Anna 05/21/2004 General Hospital Pneumonia
Lee, Bruce 07/20/1973  The Green Hornet  Cerebral Hemorrhage 
(swelling of brain)
Lee, Gordon 10/16/2005 Our Gang comedy shorts
(Played Porky and created the catchphrase "Otay!")
Brain/Lung Cancer
Lee, Pinky 04/03/1993  The Pinky Lee Show Heart Attack
Lesser, Len 02/16/2011 Seinfeld (Uncle Leo); Everybody Loves Raymond (Garvin, a Lodge Member) Cancer-related Pneumonia
Lewis, Al 02/03/2006 Car 54 Where Are You? and The Munsters Natural Causes
Lewis, Johnny 09/26/2012 Sons of Anarchy (Kip "Half Sack" Epps) Drugs (killed an 81- year-old woman)
Lewis, Shari 08/02/1998  The Shari Lewis Show  Pneumonia / Ovarian Cancer
Liberace 02/04/1987  The Liberace Show AIDS
Lindsey, George 05/06/2012 The Andy Griffith Show Died after Brief Illness
Linkletter, Art 05/26/2010 People are Funny and House Party (Famous for saying "Kids say the darndest things") Natural Causes at 97
Linville, Larry 04/10/2000 M*A*S*H  Pneumonia after Cancer Surgery
Little, Cleavon 10/22/1992  Temperatures Rising Colon Cancer
Loeb, Philip 09/01/1955  The Goldbergs  Suicide
Lomond, Britt 03/22/2006 Zorro (Captain Monastario) Kidney Failure
Lord, Jack 01/21/1998  Hawaii Five-O  Congestive Heart Failure
Ludden, Alan 07/09/1981 Password   Cancer
Luke, Keye 01/12/1991  Kung Fu (Master Po)   Stroke
Lupino, Ida 08/03/1995 Mr. Adams and Eve  Stroke/Colon Cancer
Lynde, Paul 01/09/1982 Hollywood Squares  Heart Attack

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