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 Death - TV Actors

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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Mac, Bernie 08/09/2008 The Bernie Mac Show Pneumonia
MacArthur, James 10/28/2010 Hawaii Five-O (played Danny 'Danno' Williams) Natural Causes
MacMurray, Fred 11/05/1991 My Three Sons  Pneumonia
MacRae, Meredith 07/14/2000 Petticoat Junction Brain Cancer Complications
Mahoney, Jock 12/14/1989 Yancy Derringer  Car Accident/Stroke
Mako 07/21/2006 Movie and TV Character Actor ( M*A*S*H) Esophageal Cancer
Malden, Karl 07/01/2009 The Streets of San Francisco and Amercian Express Spokesman ("Don't Leave Home Without It") Natural Causes
Mancini, Henry 06/14/1994   Composer (Peter Gunn) Liver Cancer
Mars, Kenneth 02/12/2011 Malcolm in the Middle, Get Smart, Gunsmoke, He & She Pancreatic Cancer
Marshall, E.G. 08/24/1998 The Defenders  Cancer
Martin, Barney 03/21/2005 Seinfeld
(Played Jerry's father)
Martin, Dean 12/25/1995  The Dean Martin Show  Acute Respiratory Failure
Martin, Dick 05/24/2008 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Respiratory Failure
Martin, Helen 03/25/2000  227  Heart Attack
Martin, Kiel 12/28/1990  Hill Street Blues Respiratory Failure Due to  Lung Cancer
Martin, Nan 03/04/2010 The Drew Carey Show (played Mrs. Louder ) Complications from Emphysema
Martin, Ross 07/03/1981  The Wild Wild West  Heart Attack
Mineo, Sal 02/12/1976  Dramatic TV Actor   Stabbed in Carport
McClanahan, Rue 06/03/2010 The Golden Girls, Golden Palace. Mama's Family Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)
McClure, Doug 02/05/1995   The Virginian   Lung Cancer
McCormick. Pat 07/29/2005 Veteran Comic
The Don Rickles Show
The Tonight Show
Complications of massive stroke
McDowall, Roddy 10/03/1998  Planet of the Apes  Cancer
McFarland, Spanky 06/30/1993  Our Gang Comedies  Heart Attack
McGavin, Darren 02/25/2006 Mike Hammer, Night Stalker & the movie Christmas Story Natural Causes
McKenna, T.P. 02/13/2011 The Avengers, The Saint After a long Illness
McKenzie, Gisele 09/05/2004 Your Hit Parade & Pantomine Quiz Colon Cancer
McMahon, Ed 06/23/2009 Announcer for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Multitude of Health Problems
McNair, Barbara 02/04/2007 The Barbara McNair Show Throat Cancer
McQueen, Steve 11/07/1980 Wanted: Dead or Alive   Lung Cancer Surgery
Meadows, Audrey 02/03/1996   The Honeymooners  Cancer
Melvin, Allan 01/17/2008 Character Actor on The Phil Silvers Show, All in the Family, The Brady Bunch and a Cartoon Voice-over artist Cancer
Meredith, Burgess 09/09/1997   Batman (The Penguin) Melanoma & Alzheimer Disease
Messick, Don 10/24/1997 Cartoon Voices
(Scooby Doo)
Milland, Ray 03/10/1986 The Ray Milland Show  Cancer
Miller, Dean 01/13/2004 December Bride and Here's Hollywood Cancer
Miner, Jan 02/15/2004 Madge the Manicurist
Palmolive TV Spots
Natural Causes after Long Illness
Miller, Mitch 07/31/2010 Sing Along with Mitch Died at age of 99 after a short illness.
Mitchum, John   F Troop
(Trooper Hoffenmueller)
Montgomery, Elizabeth 05/18/1995  Bewitched  Inoperable Cancer
Moore, Garry 11/28/1993 The Garry Moore Show  Emphysema
Moorehead, Agnes 03/03/1994 Bewitched (Endora)  Cancer
Morgan, Harry 12/07/2011 M*AS*H, Dragnet, and Pete & Gladys Pneumonia
Morita, Pat 11/24/2005 Happy Days and the movie Karate Kid ("Wax on, Wax off") Natural Causes
Morris, Howard 05/21/2005 The Andy Griffith Show
(played Ernest T. Bass)
Heart Problems
Morrow, Vic 07/23/1982  Combat  Decapitated by Helicopter
Morris, Greg 08/27/1996  Mission Impossible   Cancer
Morton, Howard 05/11/1997 Gimme a Break Stroke
Moss, Jeffrey 09/24/1998  Sesame Street  Cancer
Mulhare, Edward 05/24/1997 Ghost and Mrs. Muir & Knight Rider   Lung Cancer
Murphy, Audie 05/28/1971 Whispering Smith   Plane Crash
Murray, Jan  07/02/2006 Stand-up Comic and TV Show Host (Treasure Hunt) Emphysema, heart problems, pneumonia

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