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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Paar, Jack 01/27/2004 Tonight Show Natural Causes
Palance, Jack 11/10/2006 The Greatest Show on Earth and Bronk and the evil gunfighter Jack Wilson in the western "Shane" Natural Causes
Palillo, Ron 08/14/2012 Welcome Back, Kotter Heart Attack

Parker, Fess

03/14/2010 Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone Natural Causes
Pastorelli, Robert 03/08/2004 Murphy Brown Heroin Overdose
Paulsen, Pat 04/24/1997  The Smothers Brothers Brain & Colon Cancer
Pearce, Alice 03/03/1966   Bewitched 
(Gladys Kravitz #1) 
Peppard, George 03/08/1994   Banacek & The A-Team  Pneumonia / Heart Failure
Perdue, Frank  03/31/2005 Perdue Chicken TV Ads Died after Brief Illness
Peterson, Arthur 11/18/1996 Soap (The Major)  Alzheimer's Disease
Picerni, Paul 01/12/2011 The Untouchables Heart Attack
Pitlik, Noam 02/18/1999 Bob Newhart Show  Lung Cancer
Plato, Dana 05/08/1999 Diff'rent Strokes (Kimberly)  Drug Overdose
Platt, Edward 03/19/1974 Get Smart (The Chief)   Cancer
Pleshette, Suzanne 01/19/2008 The Bob Newhart Show Respiratory Failure (Had Lung Cancer)
Poston, Tom 04/30/2007 Newhart (George Utley) Respiratory Failure
Presley, Elvis 08/16/1977  Singer TV Special; appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; nicknamed "The King of Rock & Roll"  Cardiac Arrhythmia  (overdosed on a cocktail of ten prescribed drugs)
Price, Vincent 10/25/1993 Batman & Time Express  Lung Cancer
Prinze, Freddie 01/29/1977  Chico and the Man  Suicide / Gunshot to Head  
Prowse, Juliet 09/14/1996 Mona McCluskey  Pancreatic Cancer
Pryor, Richard 12/10/2005 The Richard Pryor Show (and a variety of comedy specials on cable)  Heart Attack

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