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Hong Kong Phooey - Karate-kicking canine on the Saturday morning cartoon HONG KONG PHOOEY/ABC/1974-76 and THE HONG KONG PHOOEY HOUR/NBC/1980. Hong Kong Phooey's alter- ego is Penrod Pooch (voice of Scatman Brothers), a mild mannered janitor who works for the police department.

Hong Kong Phooey

Being so close to the action, Penrod is always on the alert for criminal activity. When he hears of trouble, he dons an orange robe, and black mask (kept in a room behind a vending machine) to become the klutzy, disaster-prone superhero Hong Kong Phooey.

Penrod Pooch, Mild-mannerd janitor
Penrod Pooch, aka Hong Kong Phooey

With the aid of "The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu" and Spot, his quiet but competent sidekick (a yellow cat with horizontal purple strips), Hong Kong Phooey races to battle the bad guys in the Phooeymobile (an antique car with a Pagoda-shaped canopy that transforms into a helicopter and other vehicles when he bangs an enchanted gong).

Hong Kong Phooey battles such villains as Dr. Disguiso, The Giggler, The Gumdrop Kid (who snatches candy), Mr. Shrink, Mr. Tornado, and Professor Presto the Magician. Penrod's human friends are police Sergeant Flint (voice of Joe E. Ross) and police dispatcher Rosemary (voice of Kathi Gori).

Voice: "Who is this super hero?
Voice: Sarge? No.
Voice: Rosemary, the telephone operator? No.
Voice: Penry, the mild-mannered janitor? Could be

Hong Kong's Phooeymobile

Theme Song Lyrics

Hong Kong Phooey
Number one super guy.
Hong Kong Phooey
Quicker than the human eye.
He’s got style, a groovy smile,
And a bod that just won’t stop.
When the going gets rough, he’s super tough,
With a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hi-Yah!)

Hong Kong Phooey
Number one super guy.
Hong Kong Phooey
Quicker than the human eye.
Hong Kong Phooey, he’s fan-riffic

{Sound of a GONG!]

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