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Kipper - Clever brown puppy on the animated half-hour cartoon series KIPPER/NIK/1998-99. Kipper is a laid back British dog who lives in a house and sleeps in his own wicker basket bed with his favorite blanket and teddy bear.

Kipper the Dog

With his friends Tiger, a dog, Pig, a pig and Pig's cousin Arnold (a baby pig), Kipper's imagination uses ordinary objects (a cardboard box, a sock, or umbrella) to have extraordinary adventures like taking a trip to the moon, or riding on an elephant's back.

Emphasizing "the importance of communication, each 10-minute episode features storylines that encourage creative thinking and reinforce messages such as cooperation, courtesy and kindness to others.

Produced in 1998 by Grand Slamm-HIT Entertainment, the series aired weekdays on Nick Jr. and Saturday mornings on CBS. Martin Clunes narrates and provides the voice of Kipper

The series is based on the popular children's books by British author/illustrator Mick Inkpen.

It received the BAFTA® Award for Best Children's Animation and was hailed by Parenting Magazine as a "Top 10" show for children under five.

Theme Song Lyrics

They call him Kipper
Kipper the dog
The dog with the slipper
That's Kipper
Kipper the dog
[Toad hops by]
By the way that's a toad not a frog
Now he can do this
Do you think that you could
He can do that
Which is more that any old cat could
Would you like a dog
Like a dog
Like a dog
Like a dog like Kipper?
That's Kipper the dog
[Frog hops by]
Now that's a frog
[croaking sound]

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