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Red Forman and SchotzieSchotzie - Dachsund featured on the 1970s-based sitcom THAT 70s SHOW/FOX/1998-2006. Schotzie is the family pet of Kitty and Red Forman who live in Point Place, Wisconsin.

Debuting on the November 26, 2002 episode "Hot Dog," Schotzie enters the Forman home after Red buys the dog as a gift to cheer up his wife, Kitty who is experiencing menopausal mood swings.

On the October 6, 2004 "It's Only Rock and Roll" episode, Kitty brings Schotzie inside the house and places him behind a wall to stop him from barking. Unfortunately, their son, Eric accidentally topples a precariously mounted statue of Buddha above the dog and almost kills the small canine. Startled at the sound of a thud, Eric says "That statue was supposed to bring you peace. And in a way it did." Schotzie survives the encounter but now "goes on the attack" every time he sees the statue (and "weirdly, their next door neighbor, Bob").

(Kitty's in the backyard doing Tai Chi)


Please stop barking Schotzie, Mommy’s doing her Tai Chi.

(Schotzie continues to bark)

It’s not very considerate to bark during mommy’s quite time, Schotzie

(Schotzie continues barking)


(Schotzie begins to whimper)


(now calm) This is so soothing.


Why is the dog on the counter?


He likes to be tall.

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