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Faceless Canines
Black Tooth and White Fang - The names of the large house pets of comedian Soupy Sales on the children's program THE SOUPY SALES SHOW/ABC/1955-56/59-61/SYN/1966-68 & 79.

Black Tooth, a.k.a. "The Kindest Dog in the Country" and White Fang " the "Biggest and Meanest Dog in the USA were never seen on the show except for their furry paws which reached from off camera to interact with Soupy Sales on screen.

Black Tooth, the whiny one, had a black furry paw and White Fang, the gruffer one, sported a white fury paw.

During each program, these hairy paws would jut out in front of the television camera followed by growling or whining sounds which only Soupy Sales seemed to understand.

Frank Nastasi supplied the character's dog like sounds and puppeteer Clyde Adler manipulated the paws from off camera. Of course, these silly off screen canines were not beneath throwing cream pies into Soupy's face.

Puppeteer Clyde Adler and Soupy Sales doing their White Fang Puppet act - Photo courtesy of Ed Golick from Detroit Kids-Show web site
Puppeteer Clyde Adler and Soupy Sales doing the
White Fang the Dog routine

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