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German Shepherd
Pax - White German shepherd featured on the detective drama LONGSTREET/ABC/1971-72.

Mike Longstreet with Pax, his guide Dog
Mike & his new dog, Pax

Pax (Latin for "Peace.") performed seeing-eye duties for Mike Longstreet (James Franciscus), a blind insurance investigator living in New Orleans. Mike lost his sight in a car bomb explosion which also killed his wife.

Pax not only provided companionship to Mike but also him the ability to interact easily with the environs of the city as they exited through the wrought iron courtyard gate of his Chartres Street home.

TRIVIA NOTE: The role of Pax the dog was played by three identical white German shepherds named Blanco, Snow and Blizzard. Blanco was the primary dog on the series. Pax was used for the quieter scenes and publicity photos. The other two dogs did the majority of the action shots, like running and jumping. Their trainer was Karl Lewis Miller.

In 1972, Pax the dog won The American Humane Association's "Picture Animal's Top Star of the Year" award (PATSY). 


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