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 Dogs at a Glance (real dogs no cartoons)
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Boots Dachsund Squad 51 Mascot Emergency
Dreyfus St. Bernard/Retriever Mix Dr. Harry Weston Empty Nest
Porthos Beagle Captain John Archer Enterprise


Ubu Roi 
("Sit Ubu, Sit!")
Black Labrador Retriever Producer Gary David Goldberg Family Ties (appears at end of show on Closing Tagline)
Spray Labrador Retriever Sandy & Bud Ricks Flipper
Chi Chi (a.k.a. Thor) Brussels Griffon Mel & Malina Ellis For Your Love
Eddie Jack Russell Terrier Martin Crane Frasier
Gerhart & Gestalt Doberman Pinschers Niles Crane Frasier
Ariel Dalmatian Roz Doyle Frasier
Comet Golden Retriever The Tanner Family Full House


Chris the Wonder Dog Beagle George Wood (Engineer) The Garry Moore Show
& I''ve Got A Secret
Morgan Bassett Hound Dick Gordon (TV Producer) The Garry Moore Show
Miles Yorkshire Terrier George O'Grady The  George Carlin Show
Fang Mangy Dog (part Briard) CONTROL Spy Agency Get Smart
Scruffy Wire Terrier Mrs. Carolyn Muir The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
Chin-Chin & Paw- Paw Chow Michel Gilmore Girls
Paul Anka Shaggy Mutt Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Kirby Terier John Bowman The Good Life
Mignon Yorkshire Terrier Lisa Douglas Green Acres
Lady Greyhound Greyhound Greyhound Lines Mascot Greyhound Bus Lines Commercials in 1950s


Wee Jock White Westie Terrier Hamish Macbeth Hamish Macbeth
("The Spunks")
Cocker Spaniel Arthur Fonzerelli Happy Days
Freeway Mutt
(unclipped Löwchen)
Jonathan &
Jennifer Hart
Hart to Hart
Boomer Part terrier, cocker spaniel with the wooly coat of an English sheep dog No Owner Here's Boomer
Mr. Muggles Pomeranian Bennet Family Heroes
Emperor Lhasa Apso Lt. Howard Hunter Hill Street Blues
Bijoux Jack Russell Terrier Harry Hooperman Hooperman
Useless Mutt Sundance, a gunfighter Hotel DeParee


Djinn Djinn Small White Dog Jeannie the Genie I Dream of Jeannie


Happy & Walter German Shepherds Jack LaLanne Jack La Lanne Sow
Max English Bull Dog J.L. McCabe Jake & The Fatman
Lassie Collie Jeff Miller/Timmy Martin Jeff's Collie (Lassie)
Poker man the III Bassett Hound "Porky" Brockway Jeff's Collie (Lassie)
Biscuit (Jack's Childhood Pet  -  Saved him from Drowning) Golden Retriever Jack Gallo Just Shoot Me!


Tristen Labrador Retriever Chip Lowell Kate & Allie
White Fang Bassett Hound Kate Columbo Kate Loves a Mystery

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