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Jack Russell Terrier

Wishbone - Jack Russell terrier on WISHBONE/PBS/1995-98, the Emmy winning live-action educational television series designed to encourage a love of reading books among elementary school-age children.

Wishbone - Played by Soccer the dog

On each half-hour episode, the day-dreaming Wishbone the dog imagined himself the hero of such classic tales of literature as Ivanhoe, Don Quixote, Cyrano, Sherlock Holmes and Tom Sawyer.

Wishbone lived in the fictional town of Oakdale, U.S.A. with Joe Talbot (Jordan Wall), the 12-year-old owner of Wishbone the dog; David Barnes (Adam Springfield), Joe's best friend; Samantha Kepler (Christie Abbott), a neighborhood friend to Joe and David; Ellen Talbot (Mary Chris Wall), Joe's mom, a full-time librarian and aspiring writer; and Wanda Gilmore (Angee Hughes), Joe and Ellen's eccentric neighbor.

Wishbone's fast-talking voice was provided by Larry Brantley, a Texas actor and former standup-comic who specialized in character voices.

Wishbone was played by Soccer, a 15-pound, eight-year-old Jack Russell terrier (so named for his fur markings as a puppy and his love of soccer balls) who was the former star of commercials for Mighty Dog and Chuck Wagon dog food.

When required, Jackie Kaptan, the dog's trainer, used other stunt double dogs: Slugger, Shiner, Phoebe (swimming stunts) and Bear (for publicity stills).

Wishbone as Robin Hood Wishbone as Ichabod Crane Wishbone as Dr. Frankenstein

Wishbone episodes available on DVD

Since the 1995 premiere, the WISHBONE series won a number of awards including Daytime Emmy awards, a Peabody award and two “best children's show” honors from the Television Critics Association. Music Director Tim Cissell composed, directed and produced the orchestral music for the series.

The "WISHBONE" television series was produced by Big Feats! Entertainment and distributed by Lyrick Studios, based in Allen, Texas.

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