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Lucky Pup - A white, wealthy playboy pooch on the children's program THE ADVENTURES OF LUCKY PUP/CBS/1948-51.

Lucky Pup and Doris Brown - Cover of 'TV Forecast'
Lucky Pup with Doris Brown

Each episode, Lucky Pup battled the evil plots of a bumbling, pointy-nosed magician named Foodini who with the aid of his stooge Pinhead tried to steal the canine's five million dollar inheritance left to him in a will by a deceased circus queen.

Lucky Pup and his pal, Jolo the clown were the creations of Hope and Morey Bunin who manipulated the puppets on the show.

In 1949, writer William Saroyan said of the show “without doubt the best and most dramatic show on television.”

In 1951, the program was renamed FOODINI THE GREAT because the character Foodini had become more popular than Lucky Pup.

Doris Brown narrated and hosted the original program.

Doris Brown with Jolo the Clown
Doris Brown with Jolo the Clown

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