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Lucan the Wolf Boy - The short-lived series LUCAN/ABC/1977-78 (16 episodes - 4 unaired) told the tale of Lucan the Wolf Boy (Kevin Brophy), a youngster raised by feral wolves in the woods of Northern Minnesota.

Lucan the Wolf Boy

Found by a group of hunters in 1967, Lucan was held for study against his will and used for experimentation by a ruthless anthropologist named Dr. Hoagland (John Randolph).

At the age of 20, Lucan escapes his captivity (ending up in Los Angeles) and sets out to find his parents and survive in "civilized" society. On his trail is a bounty hunter named Prentiss (Don Gordon).

Lucan used special inbred wolf-like senses that he learned in the wild to elude his hunters and to help others in distress.

Along the way, Lucan takes a job as a caretaker for baby animals because he "speaks their language," a construction worker, a prizefighter and the protector of Russian gymnast in danger.

At one point, Lucan returned to his old forest haunts to save his wolf friends from hunters. Lucan's other traits included his preference of sleeping in the daytime, his ability to run really fast and to sense anyone following him.

Lucan the Wolf Boy

TRIVIA NOTE: "Lucan" is from the Greek word "Lykos", meaning wolf. In the series, however, the recently captured wild boy overheard the phrase "You Can" and began to believe his name was "Lucan."

In real life, a case of a wild boy (Victor of Aveyron) found by huntsmen in a French forest in 1798. He was taken to a research facility and studied by Dr. Jean Itard of the Deaf and Dumb Institute in Paris. French filmmaker François Truffaut adapted the storyline for his 1969 movie L'Enfant sauvage (The Wild Child) starring Jean-Pierre Cargol as Victor, the Wild Child.

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