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Slayer - Slayer - The name of the malamute dog who appeared on episodes of the adventure series BEASTMASTER/SYN/1999-2002.

Zuraya and Slayer

Slayer debuted on episode No. 112 "The Slayer" where the wolf was the companion of Zuraya (Alexandra Davies), a beautiful animal trainer with a circus troupe.

When Dar the Beast master meets Slayer, the wolf refuses to communicate with Dar, who has the ability to understand all animals.

When Zuraya believes that Dar is an evil entity responsible for her life of loneliness, she commands Slayer to kill Dar to free her from her curse cast by The Ancient One. But a Sorceress (Monika Schnarre) who loves Dar intervenes and temporarily turns Slayer to glass.

On episode #307 "Return of Slayer" Zuraya is betrothed to King Rolan (an evil monster), but when Slayer lashes out at Rolan, he orders his royal hunters to kill Slayer with a poisoned arrow.

Dar arrives on the scene and saves the wolf's live with a special antidote prepared by Dar's friend Tao (Jackson Raine).

Slayer turns out to be Dar's brother in enchanted form (whose real body in trapped in a Crystal Ark with his other family members).

Tao: Why teach a wolf to attack something that looks like a man?
Dar: She’s teaching it to kill.
Tao: Killing of men doesn’t seem like much of a circus trick.

TRIVIA NOTE: The TV series is based on the novel by Andre Norton that spawned the original 1982 movie Beastmaster starring Marc Singer (who appeared as a spirit warrior named Dartanus in the show's third season).

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