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The Happy Little Elves - These tiny creatures were the favorite videocassette cartoon characters of Lisa and baby Maggie Simpson on the animated cartoon THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1990+.

The Happy Little Elves

The Happy Little Elves is a children's show, similar to the CARE BEARS that originally aired on THE KRUSTY THE KLOWN SHOW.

The Happy Little Elves consists of six elves: Yendor, [Rodney spelled backwards] Bubbles, Doofy, Moldy, Gloomy and Chilly. Chilly referred to as "the elf that cannot love." Gloomy is "the self-hating elf".

Over their career they made such movies as The Happy Little Elves in Tinkly-Winkly Town. Scenes from The Happy Little Elves videos were aired during THE SIMPSONS' first episode as well as in "The Babysitter Bandit" episode when Bart and Lisa are tied up and forced to watch The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub.

Pictures of the Happy Little Elves can be found on the Happy Little Elves lunch box and on the walls in Lisa and Maggie's room. One of the elves is stuffed in Lisa's bookcase.

When Lisa's mother Marge Simpson went to a weekend getaway at Rancho Relaxo, the movie The Happy Little Elves Meet Fuzzy Snuggleduck was one of the R-rated european adult movies available on their cable channels.

On the short episode "Scary Movie" (aired on THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW) Lisa and Bart go to the movies to see The Return of the Happy Little Elves. On the way to the film, Lisa asks Bart "Who's your favorite Happy Little Elf, Bart? Yendor, Bubbles, or Doofy?" Bart responds, "I can't stand those stupid elves." "Gee, Bart," says Lisa, "You're just like Gloomy, the self-hating elf." When they get to the theater, Bart buys tickets for "Revenge of the Space Mutants" instead.

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