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Elf Nanny - Diminutive caregiver (played by Niki Botelho) who was hired as a nanny for Piper's new born baby on the supernatural drama CHARMED/WB/1998-2006.

Niki Botelho as the Elf Nanny - CHARMED

On episode No. 97 "Sam I Am" Piper and Leo held interviews to find an appropriate babysitter for their soon-to-be born baby. After their initial meeting, Leo commented "That little elf? Got a big mouth."

The Elf Woman told her potential employers that she didn't cook, did only "light" housekeeping and wondered if she was "expected to protect the baby from the incessant demon attacks."

Just as Piper tells the Elf Nanny that demons "rarely attack us in the house" a battle erupts in the living rooms. The Elf Woman promptly tells Piper to consider her application withdrawn and then disappears in a puff of green smoke.

Later on episode No. 110 "Oh My Goddess!" an impending mystical battle forces many magical creatures to seek refuge at the Halliwell house, the Elf Woman among them. When the Nanny hears baby Wyatt crying, she reminds Piper "No, I rejected you. But I suppose I could fill in, just for a bit. To which Phoebe comments "Did she just hire herself?"

Upstairs, the Elf Woman comforts baby Wyatt by waving her hand and magically wrapping him in a blanket. When Leo asks "How'd you know he was cold? the Elf Woman simply smiles and says "Babies are what I do."

Of course, Piper and Leo hired her as the baby's nanny. But a still wary Piper tells Leo to keep an eye on her just in case. As the Nanny, the Elf Woman takes Wyatt for walks in the fresh air with the stroller, and makes him dinner when Piper is gone.

Piper, Leo and Elf Nanny

"If you do anything to my baby, I will kill you. I will hunt you and kill you, even if it means coming back from the dead, and don't think I won't find a way to do that."  -- Piper Halliwell

The Elf Nanny Interview:

ELF: Sorry. I don't cook.  Cooking, that's a no.
PIPER: Ok, got it.
ELF: And only light housecleaning. 
LEO: Oh, that's OK 'cause Piper's a neat freak.
ELF: If you don't mind, I have a few questions of my own.
PIPER: Oh, of course you do.  Well, yeah, please.
ELF: Am I expected to protect the baby from the incessant demon attacks?
PIPER: I'd say incessant is a bit of an overstatement.
ELF: You are a Charmed One, correct?
PIPER: Yes, uh, but that won't affect your job here.
LEO: Won't it?
PIPER: No, honey, it won't.  Ha ha. Whitelighters are such pessimists.  Demons, you see -- demons rarely attack us in the house, so --
PAIGE: Darklighter!  Incoming!
PIPER: This is highly unusual. [The Darklighter appears,  fires a poisoned arrow and hits SAM in the shoulder.  Piper stands up and blasts his arm and weapon into bits.]
PAIGE: Samuel! [The Elf flinches.  The Darklighter leaves the room. Phoebe runs into the room.  The Elf turns to Piper.]
ELF Consider my application withdrawn.
[The ELF leaves the room in a puff of green smoke)
PIPER: Damn it.

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