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Dairy Fairy - Bovine mascot for the Kraft Cheese dairy products. Wearing a yellow crown, the Diary Fairy is a fairy godmother who carries a magic wand and flits about on a set of blue wings.

Dairy Fairy Plush Promotional Doll

The Dairy Fairy's  mission, in a series of animated cartoon ads, was to push the "udderly" tasty goodness and the calcium packed nutrients found in such merchandise as Kraft Singles - a favorite of kids (and adults) everywhere.

Kevin Ponticelli, executive vice president and general manager of the Kraft Cheese Division stated (Dairy Field, Nov 2003) "It's recognized as among the best campaigns within Kraft as well as within the industry. The benefit of 'taste kids love and calcium they need' is something that consumers readily respond to. I think we've also done a terrific job upgrading and refreshing that campaign with new news." He also reported that "two out of three kids don't get their recommended dairy requirement of calcium; nine out of 10 women don't as well. We think that providing Kraft Singles in a fortified form will help consumers address these nutritional needs" (with a little help from the Dairy Fairy, of course").

The Dairy Fairy campaign was created in the late 1980s. The cartoon segments were created by freelance animator Richard Ferguson-Hull (the director of Cartoon Network’s cult hit, Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law that airs on Adult Swim). The Fairy Dairy was voiced by C.J. Marsini.

In 1997, Kraft used an animatronics puppet cow called "Super Moo" in ad spots. Created by the folks at Image Creators, Inc., the cow's costume featured a head with movable lips, eyes and ears. Puppeteers Fred Spencer and Don Lewis animated Super Moo's facial features, while Jim Jackman was the man inside the super hero cow suit. A miniature rod-controlled puppet was used for the cow's flying sequences.

TRIVIA NOTE: A children's picture book called "A Fairy in a Dairy" by Lucy Nolan (Cavendish Children's Books , 2003) tells the story of the town of Buttermilk Hollow that was threatened by encroaching industrial factories. But when Farmer Blue makes the wish to his cow, Pixie "If only the town had a fairy godmother" suddenly dairy products begin to magically appear everywhere. But who is the dairy godmother who has come to the rescue? Well, read the book and find out.

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