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Tinker Bell - Tiny fairy creature that debuted in the 1904 children's play "Peter Pan" written by English author, James Barrie.

Disney's Tinker Bell
Disney's Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell lived in Never Never Land, the home of Peter Pan (the boy who never wanted to grow up).

In the Broadway play version, Tinker Bell drank poison to save Peter Pan. As she was dying and her light was fading, Peter Pan asked the children in the audience "Do you Believe in Fairies?" As the children screamed a resounding "Yes!," Tinker Bell was resurrected by the wave of love and belief that poured onto the stage.

Tinker Bell has appeared in the Walt Disney animated film Peter Pan (1953) and in the December 8, 1960 NBC TV musical special PETER PAN, (this time as a ball of glowing light).

In the 1990 cartoon adaptation PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES, produced by the FOX network, Tinker Bell wore a rose petal hat and had cape-like wings. As usual she assisted Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys as they battled the sinister Captain Hook.

Julia Roberts played the role of Tinker Bell in the motion picture Hook (1991). The Disney cartoon version of Tinker Bell was fashioned after the stylish shape of Margaret Kerry, not Marilyn Monroe as many believe.

In 2007, Tinker Bell starred in her own movie based on the Disney Fairies books series ("Tales of Pixie Hollow") introduced in 2006. Brittany Murphy provided the voice of Tinker Bell in the film.

The Disney Book Fairies live in Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell. They include Rani, the Water Fairy; Beck, the Animal Fairy (she speaks to animals);  Lily the Garden Fairy; Vidia the Speed Fairy; Prilla the Good-Natured Fairy; Fira the Illumination Fairy, Terrence the Dust Fairy (Pixie Dust) and Bess the Art Fairy. Queen Clarion rules the fairies in Pixie Hollow.

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