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The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns - Based on the Irish folk tale characters of leprechauns and fairies, this imaginative two-part made for TV miniseries was produced by Hallmark for the NBC network in 1999.

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

The story follows an American businessman Jack Woods (Randy Quaid) who has come to the Emerald Isle with a hidden agenda. He wants to develop a large chunk of pristine land in the Irish countryside into a golf course. But low and behold, when he takes up residence in one of the small cottages on the land, he discovers it is inhabited by none other than a leprechaun and his wife.

Colm Meaney (of Star Trek Fame) plays Seamus Muldoon, the red-bearded leprechaun whom Jack Woods rescued from the water (Leprechauns hate water) and so was beholding to his benefactor.

The story becomes complicated when Jack falls in love with Kathleen Fitzpatrick, a local raven-haired beauty who spends her time caring for her grown brothers, who can't seem to make a decision on the own.

As Woods finishes up his business and prepares to depart by train, he asks Kathleen to come with him, but she is held back by her duty to her family.

Meanwhile, Seamus' rambunctious young son, Mickey Muldoon has crashed a fancy fairy costume ball and caught the attention of Jessica, the Fairy Princess. Now, romance between leprechauns and fairies is a definite no-no in these parts and eventually both sides don their battle armor to duke it out for the sake of righteousness and honor.

So now the viewers are left with the questions: Will Jack's efforts as a peacemaker (at the Grand Banshee's request) be effective to stop an impending war between the leprechauns and fairies? And most importantly, will Mickey and Jessica and Jack and Kathleen get together as couples? To find out, go rent the film or check out the SCI-FI channel where it has aired, occasionally.

At its core, the miniseries combines the romantic sentiment of classic movie The Quiet Man (1952) starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara with the dynamic story of forbidden love found in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. All in all, the movie is a gentle, fun frolic, filled with Irish history, folklore and lush green countryside. It's well worth a look see.


Cast Credits

Randy Quaid as Jack Woods
Whoopi Goldberg as The Grand Banshee
Roger Daltrey as King Boric
Colm Meaney as Seamus Muldoon
Kieran Culkin as Barney Devine
Zoë Wanamaker as Mary Muldoon
Daniel Betts as Mickey Muldoon
Orla Brady as Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Caroline Carver as Princess Jessica
Frank Finlay as General Bulstrode
Phyllida Law as Lady Margaret
Michael Williams as Father Daley
Harriet Walter as Queen Morag

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