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*(Victor Maddern/costar) Thomas "Tommy" Finch, British sporting good store owner who sends his daughter Heather (Judy Carne) to live with the Walkers, an American family living in New York. In the meantime, the Walkers send their daughter Patty to stay with the Finch family while she attends the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London for a year. Also featured were Diana Chesney as Sybil Finch, Tommy's wife; Dennis Waterman as Neville Finch, their son; and Maurice Dallimore as Tom's friend, Willie Shorthouse.

**(Michael Cerveris) Ian Ware, a former British rock 'n roll guitarist who enrolled at New York City's renowned High School for the Performing Arts to study classic guitar. Traci Lin starred in a 1987 episode as Joanna, his former British girlfriend/band member.

*(Sebastian Cabot/costar) Mr. Giles French, an English gentlemen's gentlemen working in a Fifth Avenue Manhattan apartment of bachelor engineer, Bill Davis. Mr. French was responsible for his employers three adopted children. Mr. French was later replaced by his brother Niles (John Williams) when Giles was called off to England to work in the service of the Queen of England.

**(Christopher Hewett) Lawrence, the English assistant of the mysterious Mr. Roarke who lived on Fantasy Island introduced during the 1983 season.

*(Kenneth More) Father John Brown, British Catholic parish priest with a penchant for crime and investigations. Also featured was Dennis Burgess as Det. H. Flambeau. Based on the popular 1930s works of G. K. Chesteron, this series aired in America on PBS's MYSTERY! in 1982.

*(Patrick Gargill) Patrick Glover, British mystery writer who in between putting pen to paper, puts up his two beautiful grown daughters Anna (Natasha Pyne) and Karen (Ann Holloway) and the frequent intrusions of his ex-wife, Barbara (Ursula Howells). The series was syndicated to America in 1977.

*(John Cleese) Basil Fawlty, the incorrigible Englishman who owns Fawlty towers, a coastal guest house by the Sea of Torquay on the British sitcom FAWLTY TOWERS/BBC/1975 & 1979. The inn was jointly owned by his wife, Sybil (Prunella Scales) who was the brains behind the operation. Sybil's level head and no-nonsense manner often clashed with her ill-tempered husband who verbally brutalized their guests. Also featured were Connie Booth as waitress Polly Sherman; and Ballard Berkeley as Major Gowen, a regular resident at the inn. TRIVIA NOTE: Two attempts to recreate the success of FAWLTY TOWERS have been undertaken by American television including AMANDA'S/ABC/1983 starring Beatrice Arthur as Amanda Cartwright, the owner of Amanda's by-the-Sea, a quiet coastal inn; and PAYNE/CBS/1999 starring John Larroquette as Royal Payne, the unscrupulous proprietor of Whispering Pines, a California hotel that he operated with his wife, Connie (played by JoBeth Willams).

*(John Neville & Susan Hampshire/costars) John and Sara Churchill, the ancestors of England's Prime Minster Sir Winston Churchill. The 12-part series followed their lives in the 1600s as John Churchill served as a talented British General while his wife Sara acted as the lady-in-waiting to court of Princess (and later Queen) Anne. The series aired in America on PBS's MASTERPIECE THEATER in 1971.

*(Christine McKenna) Christina Parsons, a British teenage orphan who is sent to live at "Flambards," a rural estate in Essex owned by her tyrannical Uncle Russell (played by Edward Judd). Other cast included Steven Grives as son Mark Russell; Alan Parnaby as son William Russell; and Sebastian Abineri as Dick. This 12-part series, set at the beginning of World War 1, aired on PBS's MASTERPIECE THEATER in 1980. The program was based on the trilogy of books written by K. M. Peyton.

*(Amanda Pays/costar) Tina McGee, a research scientist with a British-accent who assisted the speedy superhero known as the Flash.

*(Kenneth More) Jolyon "Jo" Forsyte, wealthy male (and heir) of the Forsyte family living in the Victorian and Edwardian times fo England. Set in England from 1879 to 1926, the British import The Forsyte Saga actually introduced the TV novel to the American audience. Based on the nine novels of John Galsworthy, (the first A Man of Property written in 1906) the 26 episodes (10 full length movies) were introduced to American television via the National Educational Network (NET). It aired every Sunday night at 8:30 beginning in October of 1969. Set in mid-Victorian England, the series chronicled the lives of the famous aunts and uncles of the Forsyte family. Other cast included Eric Porter as lawyer Soames Forstye' Nyree Dawn Porter as Irene; Susan Hampshire as Fleur; Margaret Tyzack as Winnifrid; Nicholas Pennell as Michael Mont; Joseph O'Connor as Jolyon, Sr.; Fay Compton as Aunt Ann; Lana Morris as Helene; Martin Jarvis as Jon Forsyte; Ursula Howells as Frances; and George Woodbridge as Swithin.

*(Jack Hawkins/costar) Ben Manfred, a British detective who earlier in his career fought Nazis during World War II. He was later reunited with former wartime buddies (an American, an Italian and a Frenchman) to battle crime.

**(Jane Leeves) Daphne Moon, British [originally from Manchester, England] live-in-caregiver/physical therapist to Martin Crane, a retired cop who lived with his son Dr, Fraser Crane. Daphne hails from London and is a borderline psychic. When Daphne prepared to get married in the seventh season, her family from Britain arrive for the event. Millicent Martin appeared at Daphne's mother, Mrs. Moon; and Anthony LaPaglia appeared as Daphne's mooching brother, Simon.

*(Julie Mackenzie & Anton Rodgers) Hester & William Fields, a middle-aged British couple (whose children have finally move out of the house) now ponder what to do with the rest of their lives. In the meantime, William works as a CPA and Hester works as a homemaker and part time caterer. Also featured were Ann Beach as Sonia, their mooching neighbor who shows up a dinner time; Philip Bird as Peter Richardson; Debbing Cumming as Emma Richardson; and Fanny Rowe as Nancy Penrose. This series was broadcast on PBS stations.

**(Joseph Marcell) Geoffrey, the haughty black English butler who worked for the Banks family headed by a wealthy stuffed-shirt black attorney living in Bel Air, California.

**(Helen Baxendale) Emily, a lovely young woman from Great Britain who fell in love with American paleontologist Ross Geller. After a whirlwind romance, Ross' friends flew to England to participate in their wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, Ross calls Emily "Rachel" (Ross's old flame) during their altar vows and the love between the two deteriorates despite valiant tries on both parts.

*(Millicent Martin) Millie Grover, a British stewardess who worked for International Airlines based in London.

*(Patrick Macnee) Milo Bentley, suave, conniving travel agent with a British accent living in Malibu with former CIA agent Gavilan. On occasion, Milo aided his friend with projects from California's DeWitt Institute of Oceanography projects.

*(Noel Harrison) Mark Slate, a British secret agent transferred from U.N.C.L.E.'s (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) London headquarters to their New York facility. Mark was teamed with the beautiful American agent April Dancer, whom he regularly rescued from perilous situations (in the nick of time, don't you know).

*(Hayley Mills) Carrie Bliss, a single British ninth-grade history and social studies teacher working at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Indiana. The series was later repackaged for NBC as SAVED BY THE BELL and the Miss Bliss character was dropped. In the GMMB pilot on NBC, Carrie taught second grade and was married (husband played by Charles Siebert).

*(Richard Briers) Tom Good, a graphics art designer who decided to chuck his civilized 9 to 5 existence to become self sufficient. Now living in his Surbiton home near London, Tom and his wife Barbara (Felicity Kendal) embark on a life of growing their own food, raising their own livestock and weaving their own clothing. Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington played the Good's next-door neighbor Margo and Jeremy Ledbetter, whose quiet suburban lifestyle was now being interrupted by the smells and sounds of farm life emanating from just across the back yard fence. The series (originally titled "The Good Life" when it aired in England) was broadcast on the PBS network in America.

*(Benita Hume/costar) Vicktoria "Vicki" Cromwell Hall, a former London stage star now living on the campus of Ivy College, U.S.A. with her husband Dr. William Todhunter Hall (Ronald Colman), the president of the Ivy College. Vickie first met William when he visited England on a summer vacation. They now reside at One Faculty Row.

**(Garwin Sanford) Captain Taylor Shields, the, arrogant, corrupt British colonial officer stationed at Fort Bennington in New York's Hudson River Valley of 1755.

*(Peter Firth/costar) Scooper, one of seven British children who lived inside a double-decker bus parked in a London junkyard. The other Double-Decker members included Brinsley Forde as Spring; Gillian Bailey as Billie; Debbie Russ as Tiger; Bruce Clark as Sticks; Douglas Simmonds as Doughnut; and Michael Anderson as Brians; and Melvyn Hayes as Albert, a local adult. This British import ran on weekend mornings.

*(Patricia Routledge) Hetty Wainthropp, British senior citizen who decided to become a private investigator. Also featured were Derek Benfield as Robert Wainthropp; Dominic Monaghan as Geoffrey Shawcross; John Graham Davies as Det. Chief Insp. Adams. The series aired from: May 1990 to January 1997 in England and surfaced on the PBS network in the late 1990s

**(Richard Dawson) Corporal Peter Newkirk, a British prisoner of War. He has a saucy manner, a good sense of humor and talent for scheming and picking pockets. Newkirk reported to American Colonel Robert Hogan, but was a leader in his own right. In his spare time Newkirk played poker, dreamed of beautiful women, and dupped the German soldiers on guard at the camp. In his efforts to thwart the Nazi war machine Newkirk, sabotaged ammunition factories, cracked safes to steal top-secret war plans, posed as a general's wife to get penicillin to an ill underground leader and even had time to create a number of handsome looking Nazi uniforms that Hogan and the other POW's used on covert operations outside the camp. Actor Bernard Fox played the occasional role of Colonel Crittendon, an inept British officer who used the fact that he out ranks Colonel Robert Hogan by 29 days to hamper the covert sabotage and rescue missions at Stalag 13. Crittendon appeared in episodes "The Flight of the Valkyrie" (The Gestapo place Colonel Crittendon in charge of the POWs); "The Crittendon Plan (Crittendon wants to plant flowers along an airplane runway); "Hogan Go Home" (Hogan is sent home and Crittendon replaces him); "Hogan's Trucking Service…We Deliver the Factory to You" (Crittenden fouls a plan to destroy a ball bearing plant); "Crittendon's Commandoes" (Crittendon and his commandos parachute into camp to capture Rommel); "Lady Chitterly's Lover: Part 1&2" (An English traitor is a dead ringer for Crittendon); and "The Assassin" (Crittendon is ordered to kill a scientist but Hogan wants to help him defect).

**(Sammi Davis-Voss) Caroline Hailey, an English war bride who returned to the home front town of River Run, Ohio with her U.S. Army soldier husband, Charles Hailey.

*(Lynn Redgrave) Ann Anderson, efficient British woman working as hospital administrator at Kensington General Hospital in San Francisco. In 1981, Lynn Redgrave got involved in a contract dispute with the series producers. This resulted in Ann's character being dropped from the program. To explain her departure from the show, Redgrave's character left behind a letter explaining that she had returned to London to be with her ex-husband. The series was based on the 1978 motion picture "House Calls" starring Walter Mathau and Glenda Jackson.

*(Tony Ward) John Hunter, British government operative for COSMIC (the Office of Security and Military Intelligence who battles agents from CUCW (Council for the Unification of the Communist World). Other cast included Glyn Fernande as Eve Halliday; and Nigel Lovell as Blake. The series was produced in Australia.

*(Bruce Seton) Inspector Robert Fabian, British Superintendent of Detectives of London's New Scotland Yard.

*(John Thaw) Chief Inspector Morse, the middle-aged British police inspector based in the town of Oxford, England. who uses his caustic personality and deductive-reasoning skills to solve the most difficult homicide crimes. Also featured were Kevin Whately as Det. Sgt. Lewis. A variety of "Inspector Morse" mysteries have been imported to America and shown regularly on the PBS networks.

*(?) Peter Brady, a British scientist working on the principles of light refraction at the Castle Hill Research Lab in England is exposed to an experimental gas and turned invisible. Unable to return to normal, Peter continues his research for a cure and from time to time helps the British Intelligence battle crime. For the life of the series, the name of the actor who portrayed the invisible man, was a closely held secret (rumored to be Ralph Smart the series producer). Later sources reveal Johnny Scripps played the man beneath the bandages and Tim Turner provided his voice laid in during post-production dubbing sessions. Other cast included Lisa Daniely as Diane Wilson, Peter's sister; and Deborah Watling as Sally Wilson, Diane's daughter. The series was produced in England.

IRISH R.M./C-4/1983-85
*(Peter Bowles) Major Sinclair Yeates, a retired British Army officer who travels to the westlands of Ireland to become the resident magistrate (Justice of the Peace/legal arbiter) in a small town circa 1900. The series was based on the book "Some Experiments of an Irish R. M." written in 1899 by Irish cousins Edith Somerville and Martin Ross (aka Violet Florence Martin). Also featured was Doran Godwin as Phillippa Yeates.

*(Roger Moore) Ivanhoe, a Saxon knight who roamed England of the late Twelfth Century. The series, produced in England, was based on the literary character created by Sir Walter Scott. In 1972 a syndicated serialized adaptation of Scott's classic tale (originally run as a mini-series in 1970) appeared as part of FAMILY CLASSICS THEATER starring Eric Flynn in the role of Ivanhoe.

*(Angela Dotchin) Emilia Rothschild, a strong-willed, beautiful British secret agent operating undercover in the East Indies to thwart the expansion of Napoleon's empire in the year 1801. A wealthy entrepreneur to the world at large, Emilia teams up with a a swashbuckling American spy name Jack (aka the Daring Dragoon) on secret missions against the French, aided by ingenious devices she invents in a hidden lab.

JACK THE RIPPER/SYN/1973 (Miniseries)
*(Alan Stratford-Johns) Det. Chief Superintendent Jack Barlow, a modern-day British police officer who reopened the 1888 investigation of the White Chapel serial murders in the East End section of London in hopes of proving the identity of the illusive killer known as "Jack the Ripper." Also featured was Frank Windsor as Det. Chief Superintendent Watt, Barlow's partner. Sebastian Cabot hosted the six episode series. In the 1980s Michael Caine starred in "Jack the Ripper (1988) a two-part TV movie (200 minutes) starring Michael Caine as Scotland Yard Inspector Det. Frederick Abberline, the officer who investigated the original murders.

*(Finola Hughes/costar) Chelsea Duffy, a no-nonsense transplanted British woman working as a waitress at Jack's Bar & Restaurant, a newly opened American eatery run by Jack Evans, a white ex-jazz musician.

*(Peter Wyndgarde) Jason King, a successful British mystery novelist and special investigator for Interpol who appeared on the adventure series DEPARTMENT 'S'/ATV/ITC/1969 and later on JASON KING/ATV/ITV/1971-72. Jason King was the author of the Mark Cain Mystery Novels High Fashion Murder and Two Plus One Equals Murder. He helped solved each of his cases as if they were a plot for one of his novels.

*(Hugh Laurie) Bertram "Bertie" Wilberforce Wooster, a socializing, upper-class feather brain bubbling with inadequacies who struggles though life with the assistance of Jeeves, his unflappable supercilious valet (played by Stephen Fry). The series was based on characters created by P.G. Wodehouse. Episodes aired in the U.S. on Masterpiece Theatre beginning in November-December 1990 through January-February 1995.

**(Paul Benedict) Harry Bentley, an educated Englishman, naive to many American customs and euphemisms, who was the next-door apartment neighbor of George Jefferson, a successful black New York City dry cleaner. When not working at the United Nations, Bentley visited the Jeffersons, occasionally asking for their assistance in putting his bad back to rights again.

*(Lee Remick) Lady Randolph Churchill (nee Jennie Jerome), the American-born mother of Britain's renown statesman, soldier, Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965). This seven-part series told the story of her entry into polite English society and into the family of the aristocratic Churchill family. Other cast included Ronald Pickup as Randolph Churchill; Cyril Luckham as the Duke of Marlborough; Rachel Kempson as the Duchess of Marlborough; Dan O'Herlihy as Mr. Jerome; and Helen Horton as Mrs. Jerome.

*(John Leyton/costar) Nicholas Cage, British Navy Lieutenant (a demolition expert) teamed with a French Air Force officer and an American Army Intelligence agent as Allied troubleshooters (Code Name: Jericho) working behind German lines as spies and saboteurs during World War II.

THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN/GRA/1984 (Miniseries)
*(Tim Pigott-Smith/costar) Ronald Merrick, a mean-spirited racist British police superintendent serving in India who takes up a persona vendetta against Hari Kumar, Indian-born man educated in England who returns to his homeland and begins to pursue a relationship with a young English woman named Daphne Manners (Susan Wooldridge) whom Merrick also fancied. The 14-part series follows the struggling nation of India from 1942 to 1947 as India wins its independence from Great Britain. The miniseries was adapted from four novels written by Paul Scott (collectively known as "The Raj Quartet.") Other cast included Geraldine James as Sarah Layton; Wendy Morgan as Susan (Layton) Bingham; Charles Dance as Guy Perron; Rachel Kempson as Lady Manners; Judy Parfitt as Mildred Layton; and Peggy Ashcroft as Barbie Batchelor

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