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**(Ming-Na Wen) Debbie “Deb” Chen, [a.k.a. Gin May Chen] emergency medical intern at Chicago County General Hospital. Her character quit her job but .later in the series returned during the 1999-2000 fall season as a third-year resident. .Ming-Na Wen [later shortened to Ming-Na] was born in Macau, China. Her family immigrated to New York City when she was four. and then moved to Pittsburgh when she was nine. Her family still lives in Pittsburgh where they operate a successful Chinese restaurant. Ming-Na was included on People magazines list of the “50 Most Beautiful People.” See also - "The Single Guy"

*(Connie Chung) Connie Chung, Chinese-American newscaster, journalist anchored this hour of interviews and stories. Chung also appeared on SATURDAY NIGHT WITH CONNIE CHUNG/CBS/1989-90; FACE TO FACE WITH CONNIE CHUNG/CBS/1990 and as co-anchor of THE CBS EVENING NEWS from June 1, 1993 through mid-May 1995.

**(Chao-Li Chi) Chao Li Chi, an elderly Chinese-American butler who cared for the needs of the wealthy Angela Channing in a mansion located in the fictional Tuscany Valley near San Francisco. Chao Li was on hand to help with the delivery of Maggie Gioberti's baby boy during the 2/20/87 episode of this prime-time soap opera.

**(Natsuko Ohama) Captain Amanda Cohen, Asian-American police officer who supervised homicide detectives on the nightshift of a Seattle police department. Her character later died in a plane crash.

**(Lauren Tom) Julie, the Chinese-American girlfriend of Ross Geller, a fellow paleontologist. The Julie character was introduced in episode No. 24 "The One Where Rachel Finds Out" as Russ returns from a seminar in China with a new girlfriend (Julie) and is written out of the program in episode No. 34 "The One With Russ" after Ross decides to continue his romantic liaison with his friend Rachel Green.

**(Voice of Lauren Tom) Amy Wong, an Asian university engineering student interning with Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s Planet Express Research & Development Division. She has good fashion sense, likes to party, but is quite superficial. When speaking, she mouths a fictional pseudo-Asian language that blends elements of Japanese, Chinese and gibberish. (phrases like “ai ya” and “Dame yaru n datta ne!”). Her parents, Leo and Inez Wong (of the Mars Wongs) are ranchers on Mars. They donated a large sum of money to the University of Mars. Consequently, the library is dubbed the Wong Library and the sorority is named Kappa Kappa Wong. Amy's boyfriend is Lieutenant Kif Kroker of the Democratic Order of Planets.

**(Irene Tsu) Dr. Tingley, oriental robotics expert in charge of following the progress of Officer Haven, a robot programmed to be the perfect cop.

*(Anna May Wong) Madame Liu Tsong, a beautiful Chinese proprietress of a number of art galleries who got involved in all sorts of international intrigue on her many business endeavors. Anna May Wong's real name was Wong Liu-Tsong.

**(Lauren Tom) Dot, a Chinese-American hairdresser friend of the series main character Grace Kelly (a divorced, recovering alcoholic with 2.4 children) introduced during the 1997-1998 season.

*(Bruce Lee/costar) Kato, a mild-mannered oriental houseboy by day and a karate-chopping crime fighting avenger by night. The manservant of publisher Britt Reid (alias the Green Hornet) Kato teamed with his employer to battle the criminal underworld in a souped-up car called the "Black Beauty" (driven by Kato). On the original “Green Hornet” radio series, Kato was a Filipino houseboy of Japanese ancestry. This fact was revealed two years before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (according to John Dunning‘s Encyclopedia of Old Radio Programs). Consequently (according to some sources) Kato’s Japanese heritage was allegedly downplayed. during the war. Tokutaro Hayashi (later “renamed Raymond Toyo by director James Jewell for professional reasons”). voiced the Kato character on the radio. TRIVIA NOTE: Bruce Lee died in 1973 at the age of 33 but not before becoming a cult figure in such movies as Enter the Dragon (1973). Tragically, some twenty years later Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee (himself an action film hero) died on the set of the movie The Crow (1993) when live ammo from a prop handgun discharged, killing him instantly. In April of 1993 Brandon Lee was buried next to his father in Seattle, Washington. That same year the film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story debuted starring Jason Scott Lee in a convincing biographical drama about the life of Bruce Lee. Eerily, the storyline included a family curse wherein death stalked members of the Lee family. See also - LONGSTREET

HARRY O/ABC/1974-76
**(Keye Luke) Dr. Fong, a Chinese-American amateur criminologist who occasionally assisted Santa Monica based private detective, Harry Orwell.

**(Kam Tong) Hey Boy, a cow-towing, efficient Chinese manservant employed at the San Francisco Hotel Carlton who fetched newspaper, cigars and other items for Paladin, a gentleman gunfighter living at the hotel. Also featured were Lisa Lu as female hotel servant, Hey Girl (during the 1960-61 season); and W. Beal Wong as Hey's Boy's uncle Sing Wo, owner of Sing Wo's Chinese Laundry (on one episode).

**(Kam Fong) Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a Chinese immigrant who worked for the special state police investigation unit called Hawaii Five-O. Chin Ho Kelly was killed by mobsters on the final episode of the 1977-78 season. Also featured was Che Fong, the Chinese forensic scientist who help Five-O with its investigations. Che Fong was played by three different actors. Edward Tom in an uncredited role in episode No. 5 "...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin"; Daniel Kamekona on episode No. 29 "A Bullet for McGarrett"; and starting on episode No. 38 "Blind Tiger," Harry Endo took over the role of Che Fong from 1970-77. Once when McGarett offered his insight on a case, Che Fong remarked "Very good, and your not even Chinese."

**(Billy Quon) Billy Quon, martial arts instructor who appeared in a weekly etiquette spot "Mind your Manners with Billy Quon." on segments of this comedy program.

**(Jonathan Ke Quan) Jasper Kwong, an Asian-American student attending the Individual Honors Program at a New York City high school during the 1990-91 season.

**(Harold Sakata) Cheng, huge oriental servant in the service of Frances Kiskadden, a mad scientist working on stolen corpses on an island off the coast of Massachusetts.

**(Harold Fong) Fong (also given as Ahting), a Chinese houseboy employed by American journalist based in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Fong was replaced by Ling (Gerald Jann) soon after the series began. Ching Mei later joined the cast as Mai Tai Sing, hostess of the Golden Dragon Cafe.

**(Andy Ho) Arsin Chinese Chef working in the steamy jungles of Burma during World War II.

**(James Hong) Frank Chen, a Chinese-American police officer working with Los Angeles detective John St. John, a meticulous criminal investigator.

*(Khigh Dhiegh) Judge Dee, a Chinese judge/detective who lived in 7th century China. This was the first time a TV movie was produced with all Asian actors. Cast included Mako, Soon-Taik Oh, Miiko Taka, Irene Tsu, James Hong, and Keye Luke. The film was based on the novel Judge Dee at the Haunted Monastery by Robert Van Gulick. See also KHAN

**(Keone Young) Dr. Michael Kwan, a Chinese-American physician working on the surgical team at a large metropolitan hospital in Manhattan.

*(Ricky Der/costar) Dwight Eisenhower "Ike" Wong, a nine-year old Chinese orphan adopted by Southern California veterinarian/rancher. Local Chinese neighbors included Cherylene Lee as Annie Ng; Arthur Wong as Mr. Ng; and Keye Luke as Thomas Wong.

*(Khigh Dhiegh) Khan, a San Francisco private detective based in Chinatown. Other cast included Irene Yah-Ling Sun as Khan's criminologist daughter, Anna, a biophysics student as San Francisco State; and Evan Kim as Kim Khan, Khan's son. This series was the first to feature an all Asian-American cast in starring roles. (Khigh Dheigh refused billing as the star of the series). Besides his acting credits Khigh Dhiegh taught philosophy at UCLA and was once an owner of Taoist sanctuary in Tempe, Arizona. His real name was allegedly Kenneth Dickerson and. although he was well-known for playing Oriental villains, Dhiegh was born in Spring Lake, New Jersey and was of Anglo-Egyptian Sudanese descent. He died of a heart attack and liver failure ailments on October 25, 1991 at the age of 81 in Chandler, Arizona. See also HAWAII FIVE-O.

KUNG FU/ABC/1972-75
*(David Carradine) Kwai Chang Caine, a half-American, half-Chinese orphan adopted by a Shaolin monastery in the Hunan Province of China. Raised as a Buddist Monk, Caine later fled China to American West of the 1880's when he killed the Royal Nephew of the Chinese Emperor. The program utilized a number of flashback scenes to Caines's life at the monastery where he interacted with a variety of Chinese monks including: Keye Luke as the blind Master Po; and Philip Ahn as Master Kan. Other cast included John Leoning as Master Teh; Stephen Manley as Caine (age 6); and Radamas Pera as Caine (as teenager). The series was followed by a CBS movie KUNG FU: THE MOVIE (2/1/86) with Caine fighting an evil warlord played by Mako; and the spin-off TV pilot KUNG FU: THE NEXT GENERATION/CBS/1987 (aired on SUMMER PLAYHOUSE) starring David Darlow as Kwai Chang Caine, a modern-day descendent and his son Johnny played by Brandon Lee the real son of Bruce Lee. Later in 1993, a first-run syndicated series revived the show as KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES/SYN/1993-97 with David Carradine playing Caine, the grandson of the original Kwai Chang Caine; Chris Potter as Caine's son, Peter Caine, a police officer; Kim Chan as an elderly Shaolin priest (a Shambala Master) called "The Ancient" who ran the local apothecary shop in Chinatown; .Nathaniel Moreau as young Peter in flashbacks; and Ernest Abuba as Tan, a former Shaolin monk and enemy of Peter's father.

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