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Indian and Pakistani

**(Cartoon Character) Hadji, a turbaned East Indian youngster (voice of Danny Bravo) who traveled about the globe in search of answers to unexplained mysteries with scientist Benton Quest and his son Jonny. Hadji once saved Benton Quest from an assassination attempt while lecturing in India. Hadji was the only son of the Sultan of Bangalor. Note: Hanna Barbera revived the series as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from 1996-98 with Hadji as a teenager (voice of Michael Benyaer).

**(Ravi Kapoor) Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy, a forensic entomologist working for the Massachusetts State Coroner's Office in Boston. His colleagues included Dr. Trey Sanders, a black physician with whom Bug often competes for the best cases, and Dr. Jordon Cavanaugh, an Irish-American coroner. "Bug" is deathly allergic to chocolate. He holds the guilt of not saving his brother who died in a car accident. Bug was babysitting his brother who slipped out of the house and got killed. Bug resented his parents for putting him in the situation. It was their job to take care of the his brother not his. Therapy sessions helped resolve his grief.

*(Cal Bellini/costar) Dr. Motilal Mookerji, an Eastern Indian physician working in a large New York City hospital assisting pathologist, Dr. Daniel Coffee in uncovering clues to bizarre murders.

**(Ravi Kapoor) Dr. Siddhartha "Sid" Shandar, a sort-of-cocky physician working at General Hospital, a prestigious teaching hospital in the Boston area.

**(Jory Husain) Jawaharlal Choudhury, a transfer student from New Delhi, India who was placed in the IHP (Individual Honors Program) at Filmore High School in New York City.

**(Art Malik) Dr. Ved Lahari, a slender, bearded London-educated Eastern Indian psychiatrist who worked at the Garrison Center, a rural psychiatric clinic in New

THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN/GRA/1984 (Miniseries)
*(Art Malik/costar) Hari Kumar, Indian-born man educated in England who returns to his homeland to battle racial hatred from a British police superintendent who begins a personal vendetta with Kumar after both men take an interest in the same young English woman Daphne Manners. The 14-part series follows the struggling nation of India from 1942 to 1947 as India wins its independence from Great Britain. The miniseries was adapted from four novels written by Paul Scott (collectively known as "The Raj Quartet.")

**(Norman Fredric) Kassim, a Hindu manservant for adventurous African explorer, Jungle Jim. The characters based on the comic strip created by artist Alex Raymond. Norman Frederic was later known as Dean Fredericks.

*(Khudah Bukhsh) Kuda Bux, a magician/mindreader from Kashmir, India who hosted this weekly magic program. He was popularly called the "man with the X-ray eyes" for his mystic ability of seeing through blindfolds. Judy Tyler played his assistant.

**(Vijay Amritraj) Officer Alphabet, one of a group of misfit police officers stationed at Precinct 56 in Los Angeles. The very polite Officer Alphabet (whose real name was Shivaramanbhai Poonchwalla) was an exchange officer from Pakistan.

**(Ajay Naidu) Raji, an intelligent, efficient eager-to-please newsroom intern who tries to be all things to all people in hopes of climbing the social and business ladder to success. Ajay Naidu is an Indo-American, whose parents emigrated from southern India to the United States. His chameleon like facial features has allowed him to portray a variety of ethnic characters including Brazilians, Latinos, Arabs, Afghanis, Armenians and even generic Americans. Naidu was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois. He gained recognition in the feature film "SubUrbia" as a young Pakistani storeowner and student.

*(George Ansbro) Dressed in the guise of a Eastern Maharaja, George Ansbro reigned over his supporting cast which included Joseph Biviano as Pasha, the royal snake charmer; and Ralph Norman as Sahib, the court musician who provided music for his bevy of dancing girls. The series was a satire on the lifestyles of a modern Maharaja. It went to daytime in 1952.

*(Sajid Khan/costar) Raji, an orphaned Eastern Indian teenager who traveled about the lush landscape of India with his pet elephant, Maya. Raji joined forces with American teenager, Terry Bowen who was trying to locate his father, a professional hunter reported missing in the jungles of India. The series was filmed in India.

*(Princess Annette Sagaphi) Princess Sagaphi, the hostess and narrator of this Far East travelogue series.

**(Victor Millan) Zahir, Indian guide who lead white physician and scientist Dr. Tom Reynolds throughout the jungles and landscape of India. Earlier in the series, Dr. Reynolds was based in Kenya, Africa.

**(Brian George) Sitvar, a lazy, sneaky middle-aged Indian troublemaker who works at a Caucasian-owned hardware store in Queens, New York. Sitvar has a bizarre crush on the store's paint mixing machine.

**(Sumant) Vikram Seth, a Far East Indian doorman who worked at a high-rise apartment building in New York City. The Vikram character never spoke.

**(Arte Johnson) Rabbi Shankar, an Far-East Indian philosopher who wore a Nehru jacket, pill-box hat, gold chains, glasses and quoted such mystical wisdom as "If the laughing hyena laughs, what then of the horny toad?" or "The snake that strikes at the feet of the hunter, is naught but a pain in the grass". The character Rabbi Shankar appeared in black-out skits on this comedy variety program.

**(Brian George) Babu Bhatt, an East Indian immigrant restaurant owner and acquaintance of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld. On episode "The Cafe" Jerry befriends Babu and suggests he change his menus to attract more customers. On episode "The Visa," poor Babu is deported from New York City when his visa renewal is placed in Jerry's mailbox and his friend Elaine Benes forgets to give Jerry his mail for a long while. Swearing vengeance, Babu cries "You bad man, you very bad man! Babu returned from India to attend the trial and testify against the moral character of Jerry Seinfeld and friends on the series finale.

**(Cartoon Character/Voice of Hank Azaria) Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Hindu Pakistanian owner of the local Kwik-E-Mart located in the fictional town of Springfield. The hot dogs on his rotisserie were allegedly three years old. His entry into the Springfield Film Festival was titled "Bright Lights, Beef Jerky." Apu's wife, Manjula gave birth to eight children (octouplets) and after taking fertility drugs. The children's names were Poonam, Gheet, Sashi, Pria, Uma, Anoop, Sandeep & Nabendu.

*(Nino Marcel) Ghanga Rama, a young Eastern Indian Mahout living in Bakore, India who was the featured star of live-action serial-like adventure stories (partially shot in the Far East) that aired during the segment "Ghanga Rama, the Elephant Boy" of this popular 1950s children program. Nino Marcel was a student from the University of Southern California hired to portray the young Indian. Harry Stewart appeared as Ghanga Rama's friend Charmer. On the revised version of the program ANDY'S GANG/NBC/1955-58, the stories were called "Gunga, the Elephant Boy." The cast included Nino Marcel as Gunga; Vito Scotti as his companion, Rama; and Lou Merrill (and later Lou Krugman) as the Maharajah.

**(Vijay Amritraj) Ali Nadeem, a naive Pakistan Muslim immigrant attending a Los Angeles night school citizenship class with a melting-pot of other newly arrived foreigners. Indian born Vijay Amritraj traveled the pro-tennis circuit for 13 years prior to beginning his acting career.


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