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Fish Advertising Mascots

Chicken of the Sea MermaidChicken of the Sea Mermaid - Introduced in the 1950s, the Chicken of the Sea® company's mascot is an attractive young mermaid. She wears a choker collar bedecked with a small dangling jewel about her neck and carries a slender golden scepter in her left hand. The Mermaid's blond hair is long and flowing with the top of her hair pulled together in a bunch and held in place by a string of dark pearls. She rules the ocean depths with a smile.

The Chicken of the Sea trademark and the distinctive "Mermaid" logo since 1952, are recognized by consumers as having consistently good taste and high quality. And of course, the company's trademark slogan proudly proclaims "Ask any Mermaid You Happen to See...What's the Best Tuna? Chicken of the Sea."

The voice of the Mermaid on TV spots was supplied by former child actor Darla Hood (died in 1979) of The Little Rascals/Our Gang fame. Chicken of the Sea is a subsidiary of Ralston Purina, Inc.

Chicken of the Sea Logo - 2007

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