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Sebastian the Crab - Trusted advisor and guardian of Ariel the mermaid on the Disney cartoon THE LITTLE MERMAID/CBS/1992-94.

Sebastian the Crab - THE LITTLE MERMAID

Sebastian (voice of Samuel E. Wright) lives in the undersea kingdom of Atlantica. His full name is Horatio Felonious Ignatious Crustaceous Sebastian.

Originally from Jamaica, Sebastian left home to see the world. Eventually, he was hired as the royal guardian and advisor of Ariel, the daughter of King Trition. Sebastian is also music teacher to King Triton's seven daughters, including Ariel who has a beautiful singing voice.  

Sebastian's other friends include Flounder the Guppy; Scuttle the Seagull; Old Dudley the Sea Turtle; Urchin the merboy, and Daniel the Scientist's Apprentice.

His enemies are  Ursula the Sea-Witch; Lobster Mobster & Da Shrimp; the Evil Manta; the Evil Scientist; Zeus the Crab; Sharkadians and Octopons.

When not serving the Royal court, Sebastian is the Scout-Master for the Atlantican Troop of Sea Explorers called Crabscouts whose members include Tuffy, Clawdia and Buster.

The Sebastian character first appeared in the 1989 animated theatrical release The Little Mermaid.  

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