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Octopus & Squid

Oswald the Octopus - Thoughtful, adventurous blue octopus featured on the Nick Jr. cartoon series OSWALD THE OCTOPUS/NIK/2001.

Oswald the Octopus

Co-produced by Nickelodeon and Hot Entertainment, the series follows the adventures of Oswald (voice of Fred Savage) who lives in Big City with his best friends, Weenie the Dog (a pet hot dog); Henry, a polka loving penguin; and Daisy, a bicycle-riding flower.

The show was created by children's author and illustrator Dan Yaccarino who said of his character "Oswald lives in a world where snowmen don't melt, penguins live in apartments and flowers can play the drums. Oswald is an 'everykid' hero whose life in Big City bursts with friends, music and adventures."

The acoustic music in OSWALD is done by jazz musician Evan Lurie, a member of the group The Lounge Lizards. The series also aired on CBS on weekends during "Nick Jr. on CBS."

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