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Sci-Fi Foods

Babylon 5 Cuisine - On the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98 the alien races onboard the space station Babylon 5 (Narn, Centauri, etc) partake of a various native foods and beverages. The following is a select list:

  • Breen - a meat dish akin to the Swedish Meatballs made on Earth.
  • Brevari - a Centauri fine, light red alcoholic drink.
  • G'Quon Eth Seeds - Seeds of the G'Quon Eth plant are used by the Narn race for religious purposes. The Centauri drop the seeds in alcoholic drinks to produce an "enjoyable" flavor.
  • Hot jala - a thick milky-green beverage made from the sap of the jalwah tree.
  • Lukrol - a pungent meat dish simmered in a greasy broth.
  • Mitlop - chewy dessert made from fresh tripe-marinated overnight in pakoberry juice.
  • Old Salted - a salty, liquored cake.
  • Phroomis - dried and pickled skin (of an enemy or betrayer) wrapped around a stick and covered with a sauce of blood-berries and leeches. If no such skin is available, the recipe substitutes beans and rice.
  • Silsop cakes - dry, spicy bread.
  • Tagro - a sweet alcoholic beverage.
  • Tapote - rich tart.
  • Taree - a Narn alcoholic drink.

Babylon 5

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