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The Cobra Lodge - Small town fraternal group in the Midwestern town of Raytown first seen on episode No. 54" Fangs Alot, Mama" (Nov. 14, 1986) on the situation comedy MAMA'S FAMILY/NBC/SYN/1983-1990.

Ken Berry as Vinton Harper - MAMA'S FAMILY
Vinton Harper, Cobra wanna-be

When locksmith Vinton Harper (Ken Berry) wanted to join "The Mystical Order of the Cobra" lodge he was put through an initiation consisting of the Dance of 1000 tails, and an interrogation about the rules and regulations of the organization (Three wrong answers and you failed). The Cobra's highest ranking officer was the Grand Viper.

Those who violated the Cobra oath were hissed out of the organization along with the chant:

He's not fit to be a snake
Chop him up with hoe and rake
Known to all as a disgrace
May the mongoose chew your face.

The lodge's secret handshake is the movement of a weaving, hissing cobra snake.

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